Attack Attack! ~ Austin Emo’s East February 14

Attack Attack! in Concert

Emo’s East – Austin, TX

Attack Attack! - Attack Attack!

Attack Attack! coming to Austin on February 14. We personally like Emo’s East.. and aside for the fact that Attack Attack! is awesome.. it should be fun.

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About Attack Attack!:
A new album usually means a rockin’ tour will follow. For Attack Attack!, it’s no different. Recently announced, Attack Attack! will be releasing their 2012 album titled ‘This Means War’. Together with this wonderful news was the posting of their tour dates. And hurray! ‘This Means War’ tour will be coming in Emo’s East on Valentine’s Day. Ironic? War on Heart’s Day? Well, we strongly believe that it’s going to be a blast!

Attack Attack!?

For some of you who are not yet familiar with this band, Attack Attack! is a band formed in 2005 in Ohio. The band’s music is categorized under post-hardcore, metalcore and electronicore.

[ad#300×250 L-side]As of the moment, the band is composed of members Andrew Wetzel for drums and percussion, John Holgado for bass guitar, Andrew Whiting for lead guitar, and Caleb Shomo for lead vocals, keyboards and synthesizers. When they are on tour, they include Sean Mackowski to handle the rhythm guitar and clean vocals. Former members were Johnny Franck for rhythm guitar and clean vocals, Austin Carlile for lead vocals, Ricky Lortz for rhythm guitar and clean vocals, Nick Barham for lead vocals, and Nick White for bass guitar.

Attack Attack! and their albums

Before making a full album, like many other successful artists nowadays, Attack Attack! first released an EP or extended play. The titled of their EP is ‘If Guns Are Outlawed, Can We Use Swords?’ and was released in 2008.

A little after that EP release, they were able to sign to an Oregon-based music record label, ‘Rise Records’. Come November of the same year, the band was able to release their first studio album titled ‘Someday Came Suddenly’. Notable single on this album was ‘Stick Stickly’ which was named after Nickelodeon’s character – Stick Stickly. This album gained moderate success, received not-so-positive reviews from professional music critics. The album stayed at the number 9 position on the ‘Heatseekers Albums’ chart.

Attack Attack!’s second album, ‘Attack Attack!’, was released in July 2011. This album, however, received a more promising success that their first album. The album maintained the number 5 position on the Billboard Alternative albums chart. It landed the number 6 position on the Billboard Rock Albums chart, number 17 on the Billboard Digital albums charts, and number 26 on Billboard 200. Not bad at all. This time, music critics were also enthusiastic (positively) with their reviews. Notable singles on this album were ‘Smokahontas’ and ‘Last Breath’ (which was present on the Deluxe edition). They were able to promote this album at the 2011 Vans Warped Tour.

As mentioned above, the band has their 3rd studio album ‘This Means War’ ready to be released on January 17, 2012 – so, it will be available for purchase at the time of this concert.

Attack Attack! has a great fan base. Some of them have voiced what they really think about the famous band. One group of college friends stated that Attack Attack!’s live show is definitely one of the greatest shows they’ve ever been to. They really did stand out from the other bands. Another group of guys mentioned that Attack Attack! is truly amazing. And that they are willing to see more of Attack Attack!’s performance – wherever.

Attack Attack! – Austin Emo’s East Scoop

Where is Attack Attack!

Emo’s East – Austin TX

When is Attack Attack! here

February 14, 2012

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