August Burns Red ~ Austin Emo’s East January 28

August Burns Red Live

Emo’s East – Austin, TX

August Burns Red - Leveler
August Burns Red - Leveler

Austin Show: August Burns Red
Where it is: Emo’s East
When is the Concert: January 28, 2012

August Burns Red Austin Tickets

the August Burns Red Scoop:
It’s not August yet, but August Burns Red will be here in Texas for their concert tour! Well, who am I kidding? I love them and will want to see them any month and any day.

Who is August Burns Red?

August Burns Red is a metal band created in 2003 – they are from Pennsylvania. Their music is categorized under Metalcore – a heavy metal sub-genre that includes hardcore punk and extreme metal. The band consists of five members. The current members are JB Brubaker for lead guitar, Matt Greiner for drums, keyboards, piano and programming, Brent Rambler for rhythm guitar, Dustin Davidson for bass guitar and backing vocals, and Jake Luhrs for lead vocals. Former members were Jordan Tuscan for bass guitar, Jon Hershey for lead vocals, and Josh McManness for lead vocals. August Burns Red’s members, according to one interview, are Christians.

August Burns Red started in 2003 while most of their members were still in high school (senior year). The band’s name actually came from an incident in their high school years relating to their former vocalist, Jon Hershey, his ex-girlfriend August and his dog named Redd. Well, the story was a bit harsh though as it included some burning. And with the characters mentioned above, you probably know what happened already. A

August Burns Red: The albums

August Burns Red was able to release some albums already. As of the moment, they have already released 4 studio albums, 2 extended plays, 2 live albums, 8 compilations, and 6 music videos. Their first studio album was released in November 2005. It was titled ‘Thrill Seeker’ – the album got 4-stars review from professional critics. ‘Messengers’ was their 2nd album and was released in June 2007. The album got two 4-stars rating and a 3.5 stars rating from critics.

The third studio album by August Burns Red was titled ‘Constellations’. It was released in July 2009 under Solid State label. This album also got very good reviews from critics. Their latest album, released last June 2011, was titled ‘Leveler’. The album got 5 stars rating from critics. Their live releases were ‘Messengers DVD’ (2007) and ‘Home’ (2010).

The two EPs that August Burns Red released were ‘Looks Fragile After All’ in 2004 and ‘Lost Messengers: The Outtakes’ in 2009.

As of the moment, August Burns Red Austin TX.. oh yeah, but they are busy with their tours – there are a lot of tour dates but currently, only one tour date here in Austin. The band was able to receive a lot of reviews from their previous tours. A fan who has been in their shows quite a few times said that August Burns Red or ABR certainly brings thunder to the table (and that is not a bad thing at all – well, the fan was not literal). He said that of all the metal bands he have seen, ABR is definitely the most enjoyable to watch. He also mentioned that they flawlessly perform their songs everytime. A group of friends who saw the concert said that they definitely delivered. They love the show so much that they are looking for more places to see August Burns Red. Well, they can certainly come to our site for tickets. Ahm, hey, how about you? Do you have tickets yet? Don’t think twice now – go get your tickets to see August Burns Red now!

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August Burns Red Austin Emo’s East Summary

Where is August Burns Red in concert

Emo’s East – Austin TX

When is August Burns Red

January 28, 2012

The performances are outstanding at Emo’s East.. and with August Burns Red Austin, expect one truly spectacular event. Keep in touch with us here at

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