Austin Stage 2 Water Restrictions

Yikes.. Austin is in Stage 2 Water Restrictions. Today, Oct 6, 2011, the Austin360 posted all the particulars. In case you missed the article, here you go.

First off, these restrictions are in effect NOW.  One day Watering only!

  • Automatic irrigation systems before 10:00a.m.
  • Hose end sprinklers and soakers before 10a.m. and after 7:00p.m.

One day Watering Schedule

Residential – odd Austin addresses – Saturday
Residential – even Austin addresses – Sunday

Commercial, Multi-Family – odd addresses – Tuesday
Commercial, Multi-Family – even addresses – Friday

The city of Austin is asking us to self police by reporting violations to 3-1-1

The following restrictions are also included in the Stage 2 Water restrictions:

  • Residential car washing only on your designated day and time according to your address.
  • NO charity washes.
  • No washing driveways, sidewalks, parking areas.. or other paved areas unless to alleviate health or safety hazards.
  • Golf fairways are limited to designated days/times.
  • Water is not to be served at our local restaurants unless requested.
  • No outdoor fountains except to provide for aeration for aquatic life.
  • No automatic fill valves for ponds and pools.

You can get more info at In fact we strongly suggest you go to their website and read the regulations in case we reported any inaccuracies..

And by the way.. violating the Austin Water Restrictions is a class C misdemeanor that carries a fine of $475. But, hey.. how about we adhere to the rules just because we want to be good stewards of the land?

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