That Takes the Cake! Sugar Arts Show

Austin's Cake to the AirThe 9th annual

That Takes the Cake!

Sugar Arts Show will be held at:

North Austin Event Center
10601 N. Lamar Blvd
Austin TX 78753

Feb. 23-24, 2013

This year’s theme is “Cake to the Air, All Cleared for Cake-Off!”

Competitors of all skill levels, including kids, can submit entries to win fabulous prizes and national media recognition.

Celebrity judges/demonstrators include Mike McCarey, Lauren Kitchens, Nicholas Lodge, James Rosselle, Marina Sousa, Roland and Marsha Winbeckler, and more.

General admission is $8 per day or $14 for a weekend pass when purchased online in advance.

Door: $10/day or $17/weekend

Bring a non-perishable food item for Capital Area Food Bank to save $1 off at-the-door entry price.

Children under 18 are free for General Admission.

All other events require separate registration.

“That Takes The Cake!” is hosted by Capital Confectioners’ Cake Club, a non-profit organization dedicated to sharing, promoting, encouraging, and expanding the appreciation and practice of the arts of cake decorating, confections, and related media.

More information about the club is available at >>

A portion of the proceeds of “That Takes The Cake!” also provide scholarships for local culinary students.

Submitted By: Kimberly Chapman

Austin Family Music Festival 2012

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The Biscuit Brothers

The Biscuit Brothers invite fans and new friends of all ages to the Austin Family Music Festival.

The Biscuit Brothers will be at historic Pioneer Farms in North Austin, where they film most of their Emmy-award winning PBS show.

Come on out and enjoy the festivities with a variety of multicultural music, hayrides, crafts, food, and tons of fun.

Austin Family Music Festival

Saturday April 21, 2012
10621 Pioneer Farms Drive
Austin TX 78754.

Tickets: $12 online in advance, $14 at gate.

By: Kimberly Chapman

Jeanne Robertson’s “Open to the Public” Tour

Jeanne Robertson is will be performing her classic brand of humor at Paramount Theatre, in Austin Texas, on Sunday Feburary 26th for one night only. Although her “professional speaking” appearances are usually at private conventions, this one-night stopover of the “Open to the Public” tour is a rare opportunity to see her live.

[ad#300×250 L-side]Jeanne Robertson is funny. Without needing to use discriminatory, crude, or obnoxious humor, she masterfully engages her audience with insightful and real world comedy. And the crowds go hysterical for it. She has a way of being herself, a southern-raised, small-town girl, and at the same time she is capable of connecting with audiences of all types. Her sense of humor indeed strikes a universal cord.

With several youtube videos clocking in with views in the multimillions, Jeanne, wows audiences of all ages. A smattering of some of her most popular videos are such classic bits as, “Don’t go to Vegas without a Baptist,” “Don’t Bungee Jump Naked,” and “Don’t Send a Man to The Grocery Store.” But her success in not just a “sparkle in the pan,” she has been a household name for decades.

If you happened to be living in North Carolina in 1963, you would have surely heard of Jeanne, she was the winner of the Miss North Carolina Pageant and the coveted Miss Congeniality award at the national Pageant. A small town girl, faring from Graham, North Carolina, when Jeanne was catapulted to stardom she brought the whole town with her. When she made the trip from NC to Atlantic City for the national Pageant 400 people from her hometown came to support her. That was 10% of the population of Graham, at the time. But in her own words, “That was yeaaaarrrrrrrs ago.”

Today at the healthy age of 66, Jeanne Robertson is an internet sensation, and entertains the masses whether online or live on stage. Her comedy is based on revealing the humor in real life situations. She playfully pokes fun at the way people do things, including herself, and her insights are so funny that it is easy to miss the profundity of her messages.

Jeanne has been interviewed on 60 minutes, performed at the White House, and has been featured on the cover of the “Speaker” Magazine. Her wisdom-filled antics are aired daily by radio stations such as “Sirius” Radio, Laugh USA, Blue Collar Comedy, and Laugh Break, and is loved nationwide.

Jeanne is a member of the CPAE Speakers’ Hall of Fame, and received the golden gavel award from Toastmasters International for her outstanding leadership and communication skills. She notes that besides being a gifted speaker of the English language she is also bilingual, because she is a fluent speaker of “Southern.”

Author Bio:
Scott Hersh is a business blogger for the official blog of, leaders in merchant financing.


Best American Music Festivals

The USA has some of the world’s most famous cities and sights but they also hold some of the most awesome music festivals world over. Here’s a list of the top music festivals being held this year that you’d be a fool to miss out on. The best bit? There is something for everyone here, from huge rock bands and outdoor concerts to indoor art and film showcasing, I defy anyone not to find something that interests them here.

Sasquatch emerged in the past five years for the alternative and eclectic music lovers. The festival is held in Washington State and always pulls in the biggest names from the rock and indie scene. Definitely a must-visit if you live in the North America.

coachella festival
Image credit: of Coachella festival

Coachella, which is held over two weekends is a fun filled, lively and young festival, crowned the kind og US festivals by most. The whole thing is outdoors (with camping for guests) and the music is mainly mainstream and indie / rock. Expect some well known, big acts (such as Snoop Dog) and some lesser known starters. Variation is the key here, and you’ll definitely get that!

ACL Festival
The ACL music festival , held in Zilker Park is one of the biggest and most environmentally friendly festivals in the USA. The festival which is held for 3 days, is packed full of great musicians but is also home to an amazing food hall and SoCo arts centre. Perfect for those who love a bit of culture with their music.  ACL tickets here.

Another Austin festival, this festival is jam packed full of everything you could imagine. The festival lasts about a week but has dedicated times for music, interactive and film acts. This great conference style festival offers more than your average muddy field, so it’s great for those who like a level of sophistication.

Bonnaroo is a fantastic music and arts festival held for four days just outside of Nashville. The festival have had the main focus of promoting jam and folk artists, however you will find some of the bigger RnB names performing here too.

Having been fully revived and back in full form, the Lollapalooza festival is a sure hit every year. The tickets for last year’s festival sold out super fast, so keep an eye out if you want to grab some this year! The festival is held on Chicago lake front and pulls in a varied crowd of young and old.

About the Author: Jon Quinton is a huge music fan and enjoys traveling around discovering new music! Elle currently works for who provide a range of special offers for brands and stores such as Kobo, Expedia and Hammer Schlemmer.

Economical Activities at Zilker Park Austin Texas

Zilker Park Austin, Texas has lots of economical activities.. and it’s great to have less expensive options for your entertainment.  Where can you get economical entertainment in Austin, Texas?

Zilker Park Fun - Shutterstock Photo
Zilker Park Fun - Shutterstock Photo

Of course there are many different entertainment venues, events, and places for your family in Austin. Today we want to introduce you to one of Austin’s original gathering places.

Zilker Park in Austin Texas has long been a place where garden lovers, nature admirers, families, and Austin residents have gone to escape the city life.  Its majestic gardens are located on 31 acres of Austin land.  The park truly is beautiful to visit and to spend time at with family and friends.

What does Zilker Park Have To Offer?

The Zilker Park was established in 1955 in order to excite and keep alive the learning of gardens.  The park itself is in essence one large beautiful garden.  This Austin garden has a lot to offer for garden enthusiasts, photographers, children, and people who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Austin, Texas.  For these people The Zilker Park has events, educational workshops, thousands of various plants and wildlife to view and admire, clubs, and a theater.
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Zilker Park Events

Zilker park holds events monthly.  These events range from gardening workshops, to flower arrangement instructions, bird watching activities, flower shows, insect workshops, and other plant and wildlife activities.

The only cost for events at the Zilker Botanical Garden is for admission to the park.  Admission for children ages 3 -12 is only $1.  Admission for adults from ages 13-61 is just $2.  Admission for seniors from ages 62 & over is just $1.  With these prices you can easily have a wonderful time in a magical place many times a year.

Zilker Educational Workshops

Getting your children interested and passionate about learning is really hard in our modern day society.  At Zilker Park they will be able to experience learning at a hands on level.  This type of environment will surely help many kids gain passion about something that will positively benefit their lives.

Zilker Gardens’ Plant and Animal Life

Zilker Gardens has many different varieties of plants and animals.  Coming to the park you will be able to view cactus, roses, butterflies, lilies, japanese gardens, unique architecture, and much more.  Make sure you bring a notebook to write down or even draw what you see.

Zilker Garden Clubs

The Zilker Park is no stranger to clubs.  The park has approximately 31 clubs which represents around 1,700 members.  These clubs range from focuses on butterflies, herbs, plants, gardening, and much more.  Joining a Zilker Club is a great way to get involved at the park.

The Zilker Park Hillside Theater

Just recently the Austin City Council approved a $175,000 contribution to Zilker Park to expand and renovate the theater.  This improvement will surely bring yet more events and activities for the youth, adults, and families of Austin.

The design for the new theater will be done by Zilker Parks.  The theater will have a back stage area for storage, props, and stage design.  This exciting new announcement has been long anticipated at Zilker Parks.

You can easily find directions online to visit the Zilker Park.  We hope that you enjoy your visit and come away with a new passion for gardens.

This local article about the Zilker Park was provided courtesy of the Living Dailies Network.  The network provides original online content on various topics.  This particular article was written by Garret, an author for Living Dailies.  Garret also writes about local home, roofing, and repair services in cities in Georgia.  He is currently writing articles about Atlanta Roofing.

Gladys Knight At The Moody Theater in Austin

Gladys Knight at Moody Theater Austin - CD Beautiful Ballads
Gladys Knight at Moody Theater Austin - CD Beautiful Ballads

With just a little over 2,700 seats available at the Moody Theater Austin, Texas, Gladys Knight’s March 2, 2012 concert will surely be sold out soon!

You will not want to miss the seven-time Grammy winner as she sings through some of her most loved songs of her career. Gladys Knight truly does speak to her fans through her songs. All across the country her music is loved and admired. This is probably even more true in Austin, Texas where her fans are excited to have her hold a concert in their very own Moody Theater.

About Gladys Knight

So many of the greatest singers of all time started in their youth. Gladys Knight is among that special group. She began making music history as a child with The Pips as her backup singers. She rose to the top throughout the 60s, 70s and 80s. Some of her most famous songs that are still listened to today are “Midnight Train to Georgia”, “Best Thing That Every Happened to Me”, “I Heard it Through the Grapevine” and “If I were Your Woman”.

[ad#300×250 L-side]Gladys Knight inspires fans throughout the U.S. with her R & B to soul pop music. Although she has not been as busy creating new songs and albums for Grammy Awards she has recently released a new single album called “I Who Have Nothing”.

What Songs Are You Looking Forward To Hearing At Moody Theater?

Anyone who is a fan of Gladys Knight and her music will surely be looking forward to these following songs. With this list we want to give you a brief history of each song and how it came to be. We hope you enjoy this and we are sure that you must be excited to attend her concert in March.

“Midnight Train to Georgia”

In 1973 this song became a #1 hit. After just one year after being released Gladys Knight and The Pips won a Grammy award.

The song’s theme is of a romantic love that transcends any type of differences. An interesting fact about the song, that many do not know, is that it was originally titled “Midnight Plane to Houston” and was intended as a country song. The song title was changed to “Midnight Train to Georgia” and was sung first by Cissy Houston. Gladys Knight and the pips sang it second and within eight weeks it became their very first #1 hit.

“I Heard It Through The Grapevine”

This song is one of Motown Records’ greatest hits yet. First sang by Smokey Robinson & the Miracles in 1966. The next year Gladys Knight and The Pips were allowed to sing the 3rd version of the song. It quickly became Gladys Knight & The Pips’ second #1 hit.

Look for these two #1 hits at her next concert here at Moody Theater Austin, Texas. Be prepared to also hear some new hits from her newest single album “I Who Have Nothing”.

This article about Gladys Knight and her concert at the Moody Theater was written by Jocelyn with the Living Dailies Writers Network.  Jocelyn has recently been writing about hot trends in many industries, including the nail industry. Check out her recent stories about the Shellac Manicure.

Biscuit Brothers CD Launch Party


The Biscuit Brothers are inviting people to come celebrate the launch of their new CD, “Get Up and Go!” filled with energetic music sure to get everyone moving!

The concert is free with CDs available to purchase.

The band will even be available to sign CDs between the two sets at 6:30 and 7:30 pm on Sunday, July 10 at Central Market (4001 N. Lamar Blvd. Austin, TX 78756).


By: Kimberly Chapman

Katy Perry ~ Austin Frank Erwin Center

Katy Perry In Concert

Frank Erwin Center – Austin, TX

Katy Perry - Austin
Katy Perry - ET feat Kanye West CD

Great news, right? Katy Perry – Austin, TX live at Frank Erwin Center July 30, 2011.  One of the best concerts of the summer, we should think.  Katy Perry Tickets still available for Frank Erwin Center at time of this post.

Katy Perry Austin Tickets

More about Katy Perry:

She kissed a girl and she liked it. Well, that’s according to her song. Let’s give it up for Katy Perry! Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson or better known for her stage name, Katy Perry is a famous singer, actress and song-writer. Her fame began in 2007. She released her first internet single titled ‘Ur So Gay’ which received a lot of attention. Following that, she released ‘I Kissed a Girl’ as her second single. It actually went international this time which made her famous even more.

Katy Perry’s first major label album was titled ‘One of the Boys’. Verified as platinum, this album was a real big hit. Last year, she released her second major label album entitled ‘Teenage Dream’. It owned the number 1 spot on the Billboard 200.
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Katy Perry – Austin Frank Erwin Center Review

Where is Katy Perry Showing

Frank Erwin Center – Austin TX

When is Katy Perry Performing

July 30, 2011

Thus, this particular recognized Katy Perry is arriving to Frank Erwin Center, on July 30. actually doesn’t know when Katy Perry shall be back again. For those who don’t want to miss out on this unique awesome event.. and you really don’t, then buy your Katy Perry Austin live concert seats instantly, while they are obtainable!

Q: Do you need assistance managing I have plenty of time to help quite a few hours. A: At this particular moment, we’ve a really very good staff that works well with us, nevertheless, you may perhaps e-mail us with additional information in order to pursue the idea.

Q: Should I bring a video camera to Frank Erwin Center? A: Your very best bet on that, is to make contact with Frank Erwin Center directly to find out their rules on cameras. Occasionally venues will let us carry cameras and sometimes they do not. It’s really hard to say and depends wholly on the actual venue.

Q: How come the name on the E-mailed Katy Perry Austin ticket not the same as mine? A: The name on the ticket is the name connected with the previous customer. features tickets on the secondary market place. Do keep in mind your tickets are guaranteed to ensure you realize they are authentic.

From Katy Perry – Frank Erwin Center to

Gallagher ~ Austin One World Theater

Gallagher in Concert

One World Theater – Austin, TX

Gallagher - Austin
Gallagher - The Sledge O Matic Collection CD

Can you believe it?  Gallagher – Austin, TX showing at One World Theater July 29. Gallagher is totally hilarious!  If you’ve never seen him, it’s great to have the opportunity when he’s in a small venue like One World Theater.

Gallagher Austin Tickets

Info about Gallagher:

Leo Anthony Gallagher, Jr. or better known as “Gallagher” is a popular comedian up to date. He is a kind of comedian who not only uses words as his act but also uses props. Can you imagine? I was excited just knowing this. He is famous for his watermelon-smashing-act. He was able to finish college with a degree for Chemical Engineering. And after that, he started to pursue his career in comedy.

When you hear ‘Sledge-O-Matic’, you immediately think of Gallagher’s name. This is because it is his signature sketch. Basically, it is a huge mallet that is made of wood and he uses this thing to smash various objects like cartons of milk, tubes of toothpaste, cakes, computer keyboards and of course, the ole’ favorite, watermelons. Are you intrigued? Go ahead and smash watermelons, errr.. go ahead and buy tickets now!
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Gallagher – Austin One World Theater Info

Where is Gallagher Performing

One World Theater – Austin TX

When is Gallagher showing up

July 29, 2011

From Gallagher – One World Theater to

Owl City ~ Austin Moody Theater

Owl City Event

Moody Theater – Austin, TX

Owl City - Austin
Owl City - Alligator Sky CD

Yeah! Owl City – Austin, TX showing at Moody Theater July 27. Owl City is famous for unique shows so we predict to see fun at Moody Theater.

Owl City Austin Tickets

About Owl City:

“I’d like to make myself believe that planet Earth turns slowly… It’s hard to say that I’d rather stay awake when I’m asleep… Cause everything is never as it seems…”

I bet you know what I am singing, don’t you? Yes, its Owl Austin’s hit single ‘Fireflies’. It’s quadruple-platinum, baby! I personally love this song. If you haven’t heard this song yet (which I doubt), you will hear Owl Austin’s playful, creative and as if magically tuned instruments as Adam Young plays it. As you may know, Owl Austin is a musical project of Adam Young. He is a one-man band.

Adam Young first become popular in 2007. His first studio album was released in 2008 entitled ‘Maybe I’m Dreaming’. This was a self-release album but later re-released by Universal Republic. This album owned a reputable spot on the Billboard Electronic Music Album Chart. Oh, and did I mention that he will be on tour here in Texas? Yes, he really is. So go ahead and buy your tickets now!
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Owl City – Austin Moody Theater Summary

Where is Owl City Performing

Moody Theater – Austin TX

When is Owl City Playing

July 27, 2011 provides very good seats, pricing, together with active news regarding Owl City tix .. along with other performers and events coming to Moody Theater. This happens to be THE best site to be when it comes to Austin live concert seat tickets coupled with Austin performances.

Q: Is pleased to have a website associated with concerts? A: We positively are! Personally we absolutely love shows and the live theater, so having a small business that has those pursuits is definitely rewarding. Absolutely love it, really.. 🙂

Q: Is Moody Theater a solid place to see Owl City in Austin? A: Unquestionably! Moody Theater is considered one of Austin ‘s finest. You should have a simply wonderful time seeing Owl City at Moody Theater.

Q: Are you still featuring affordable Owl City tickets pertaining to Moody Theater? A: Varies according to whenever you arrive at! Look at our ticket search at top right sidebar of internet site for the most up-to-date availability.. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Come ask us on Facebook.

From Owl City – Moody Theater to

Dwight Yoakam ~ Austin Moody Theater

Dwight Yoakam Performing

Moody Theater – Austin, TX

Dwight Yoakam - Austin
Dwight Yoakam - Guitars Cadillacs Etc CD

We are happy! Dwight Yoakam – Austin, TX showing at Moody Theater July 21. Dwight Yoakam is famous for incredible concerts so we expect to have to see entertainment at Moody Theater.

Dwight Yoakam Austin Tickets

About Dwight Yoakam:

Dwight Yoakam, a country singer and songwriter, will be here in Texas this summer! I just can’t wait for this. Aside from being a musician, Dwight is also an actor and film director. He first became popular in the 80s. Up to date, he was able to release more than 20 albums which includes ‘Guitars, Cadillacs, Etc., Etc’, ‘If There Was a Way’, ‘Gone’ and ‘Blame the Vain’ just to name a few. His singles, most of it, actually owned a respectable spot on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts.

In 1993, Dwight Yoakam also received a Grammy Award for ‘Best Male Country Vocal Performance’. This was for ‘Ain’t That Lonely Yet’. Also in the same year, CMT Europe declared him as ‘Dwight Yoakam of the Year’. You may also recall his notable roles in movies like Roswell, The Newton Boys, Panic Room, Two: Thirteen, Four Christmases and Bloodworth just to name a few.
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Dwight Yoakam – Austin Moody Theater Overview

Where is Dwight Yoakam Live Show

Moody Theater – Austin TX

When is Dwight Yoakam Showing

July 21, 2011

From Dwight Yoakam – Moody Theater to

Eels ~ Austin Stubbs BBQ

Eels Performing

Stubbs BBQ – Austin, TX

Eels - Austin
Eels - Tomorrow Morning CD

Do you know: Eels – Austin, TX live at Stubbs BBQ July 20. Eels is recognized for wonderful live performances and we assume lots of entertainment at Stubbs BBQ.

Eels Austin Tickets

More about Eels:

Eels, an alternative rock band, will be here in Texas. The band was created by Mark Oliver Everett or ‘E’. Currently the band is composed of E, Koool G Murder, The Chet, Knuckles, and P-Boo. Eels released their first album in 1996 titled ‘Beautiful Freak’. This album received international success which led them to win the ‘Best International Breakthrough Act’ award given at the 1998 BRIT Awards. Up to date, the band was able to release 9 successful albums.

Eels’ music is frequently used on film OTX which includes the movies ‘American Beauty’, ‘Scream 2’, ‘The Anniversary Party’ ‘Yes Man’ and ‘Shrek 1, 2 and 3’. Eels’ music is known for its continuous advancements. The band never ceases to amaze and impress their fans. And they are even asking for more. So, I won’t be surprised if the fans demanded an encore for this tour.
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Eels – Austin Stubbs BBQ Review

Where is Eels Performing

Stubbs BBQ – Austin TX

When is Eels showing up

July 20, 2011 features a special program regarding Eels at Stubbs BBQ. We supply excellent tickets and seats at affordable costs. Usually the seat tickets are not face value. In the past they were a bit more, sometimes a lot more, but that seems to be changing somewhat. We should have seats for Eels Austin show at Stubbs BBQ.

Q: I received an order confirmation for Stubbs BBQ tickets. Is my credit card charged, yet? A: No. Your credit card is not charged until the seller of your Stubbs BBQ tickets has confirmed that they have them. At that time your credit card will be charged.

Q: So how exactly does currently have quality seat tickets to out of stock Stubbs BBQ events? A: We operate on the secondary marketplace for job seat tickets. So we typically have those special tickets which are hard to discover somewhere else. If a concert is extremely well-known, it may sell out on the main market in a New York minute. In other words: Buy em when you see them!

Q: How can I secure tickets for Eels ?A: here… just click on the event you would like at

Q: Are these Eels Austin tickets real? A: Absolutely.. That’s why you get a 100% guarantee that your tickets are authentic. Our broker, TicketNetwork is one of the most trusted ticket brokers in the business, so you can sleep knowing you’ve made an excellent choice.

From Eels – Stubbs BBQ to

Matthew Morrison ~ Austin Bass Concert Hall

Matthew Morrison Event

Bass Concert Hall – Austin, TX

Matthew Morrison - Austin
Matthew Morrison CD

Splendid news Matthew Morrison – Austin, TX live at Bass Concert Hall July 17. Matthew Morrison is recognized for awesome performances so we anticipate more when he comes to Bass Concert Hall.

Matthew Morrison Austin Tickets

Info about Matthew Morrison:

‘Somewhere over the rainbow.. Way up high… ‘ Oh yeah. Great news everyone! The great, fantastic, lovable and endearing Mr. Schuester will be in town! Yes, the one and only Matthew Morrison will be touring here in Texas. Excited? I am actually thrilled! Matthew Morrison is a very talented man. Well, we all know that he is a very good actor and musician. But did you know that he also writes songs? Unbelievable. He never ceases to amaze us.

Matthew Morrison, before Glee, is best known for his wonderful performances on and off Broadway. This includes playing ‘Link Larkin’ on Broadway Musical – Hairspray. He also guest-starred on several shows in TV like Ghost Whisperer, CSI: Miami and Numb3rs just to name a few. In 2009, he started to shoot for Glee’s first season. So what are you waiting for? Go and buy tickets now. I am reserving one for myself, just so you know.
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Matthew Morrison – Austin Bass Concert Hall Info

Where is Matthew Morrison Playing

Bass Concert Hall – Austin TX

When is Matthew Morrison Live

July 17, 2011

Hello there! We are so pleased you happen to be here with us. We feel you will see as distinct from various other internet sites. is all about Austin tickets for concert events special specific to Austin and at Bass Concert Hall or other Austin venues.

Q: Hi, you know, I really don’t find the Bass Concert Hall seat numbers showcased. What is that?
A: doesn’t actually own the Matthew Morrison tickets and usually your Sellers won’t display the actual seat number pertaining to Bass Concert Hall tickets as a precaution.

Q: Suppose I forget my Federal express Delivery pertaining to Matthew Morrison Austin seat tickets?
A: You get 3 delivery attempts on successive working days with FedEx.

Q: What are Piggy back Seats? and do I want them?
A: They are Matthew Morrison Austin tickets where the seats can be found in back or in front of each other. You can only get these seats if you decide to purchase them. Otherwise you are side by siade at Bass Concert Hall

From Matthew Morrison – Bass Concert Hall to

Kid Cudi ~ Austin Ceder Park Center

Kid Cudi in Concert

Ceder Park Center – Austin, TX

Kid Cudi - Austin
Kid Cudi - Man On The Moon II CD

Hard to believe: Kid Cudi – Austin, TX live at Ceder Park Center July 16. Kid Cudi is famous for astounding live performances so you can expect to more at Ceder Park Center.. and we have tix as low as $60. at time of this post!  🙂

Kid Cudi Austin Tickets

More about Kid Cudi:  The rapper that makes music from the heart. Let’s give it up for Kid Cudi! He is on tour right here in Texas. For one night only, join us as we experience Kid Cudi’s music. His real name is Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi. He is a singer, rapper and also, an actor. His fame started in 2009 after the release of his first mixtape titled ‘A Kid Named Cudi’. His popular single ‘Day n Nite’ was a big hit. It earned a very respectable spot at the ‘Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs’ and ‘Billboard Hot 100’ charts. This single was actually a part of his first studio album ‘Man on the Moon: The End of Day’ which was released in 2009, as well.

Kid Cudi, being a talented lad as he is, has already worked with several big names in the same industry. Last year, he released his second studio album entitled ‘Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager;. This album has already owned a notable spot on the US Billboard 200 chart.
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Kid Cudi – Austin Ceder Park Center Review

Where is Kid Cudi Performing

Ceder Park Center – Austin TX

When is Kid Cudi coming to town

July 16, 2011

From Kid Cudi – Ceder Park Center to

Kelly Willis ~ Austin One World Theatre

Kelly Willis here Live!

One World Theatre – Austin, TX

Kelly Willis - Austin
Kelly Willis - One More Time CD

You should know Kelly Willis – Austin, TX live at One World Theatre July 15, 2011.

Kelly Willis Austin Tickets

About Kelly Willis:

We love country music…and we love Kelly Willis.  Kelly Willis is one heck of a singer and songwriter for country music.

Kelly Willis’ career actually started at a very young age of 16. She moved here in Texas after graduating high school. In 1990, she was able to release her first album titled ‘Well Travelled Love’ under MCA. A year after that, ‘Bang Bang’ was released as her second album. She was able to release nine albums up to date.

Kelly Willis is known for her perfect sweet voice. She has always made a positive impact towards her fans. She enjoys singing and recording which actually reflects to her songs. Some of her notable songs include River of Love, Not Forgotten You, If I left You and Teddy Boys just to name a few.
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Kelly Willis – Austin One World Theatre Review

Where is Kelly Willis Live Show

One World Theatre – Austin TX

When is Kelly Willis Playing

July 15, 2011

This particular well liked Kelly Willis is definitely arriving to One World Theatre, on July 15. doesn’t know when Kelly Willis might be back again. In the event you don’t wish to miss out on this concert experience.. and you don’t! …Then buy your Kelly Willis Austin concert tickets at once, while they’re available to us and you!

Q: What is the huge deal regarding ordering from a ticket scalper and / or Craig’s List?
A: Oh gee! Don’t do it| There is absolutely NO guarantee you are working with a professional person when you spend money on Kelly Willis Austin seats in this way. We truly recommend you refrain from that option. The last thing you want is to arrive at your live show with counterfeit tickets.

Q: Are the actual Kelly Willis seats that we are purchasing at One World Theatre together and alongside?
A: Completely! You never need to worry about receiving seats right alongside one another. If you do not need them together, you can purchase seats which are known as Piggyback. This is simple to determine before you decide to obtain your seats. It’s listed before the actual purchase.

Q: Exactly how are ticket selling prices calculated within
A: Good ole supply and demand. Whenever an artist is really famous, the tickets are likely to be quite high. And in some cases they can be less expensive. For example if there’s a lot of tickets readily available and definitely not a great need for the concert (like what happened with Charlie Sheen tickets if you remember.)

From Kelly Willis – One World Theatre to

Davis Cup ~ Austin Frank Erwin Center

Davis Cup Live

Frank Erwin Center – Austin, TX

Oh yes, it is true: Davis Cup – Austin, TX participating at Frank Erwin Center July 8-12.  Davis Cup will be fantastic to see at Frank Erwin Center. Davis Cup Austin Tickets

Info about Davis Cup:

Can’t get enough of tennis? Why not join us for Davis Cup! Luckily, Austin will be the spot for the 2011 Davis Cup by BNP Paribas. This will be the Davis Cup quarterfinal elimination or ‘tie’ between Spain and United States. Over the years, the tournament’s structure has gone several changes.

[ad#300×250 L-side]Davis Cup is a worldwide tennis event for men. Managed by ITF (International Tennis Federation), this event has been very popular even for non-tennis fans. Davis Cup started in 1900 among United States and Britain. Actually, U.S. is one of the most victorious countries all throughout the tournament’s record. You know, I am very excited to witness this event. So am I going to see you there? Grab your tickets now!

Davis Cup – Austin Overview

Where is Davis Cup Playing

Frank Erwin Center – Austin TX
h4>When is Davis Cup Performing

July 8-12, 2011

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Cedric the Entertainer ~ Austin Moody Theater

Cedric the Entertainer Performing

Moody Theater – Austin, TX

Cedric the Entertainer - Austin

Just in! Cedric the Entertainer – Austin, TX participating at Moody Theater July 8. Cedric the Entertainer should be good (ie hilarious) to see at Moody Theater.

Cedric the Entertainer Austin Tickets

More about Cedric the Entertainer:

Are you ready for the show that is definitely worth your time? Well, I advise you to go see Cedric The Entertainer. Cedric The Entertainer is Cedric Antonio Kyles’ stage name. He is a well-known comedian and actor. Some of his notable appearances on TV was on ‘It’s Showtime at the Apollo’ which was his first television gig, ‘Def Comedy Jam’ on HBO and BET’s ComicView. You may also recall him appearing in movies which includes Barbershop, Barbershop 2, Dr. Dolittle 2, Man of the House, Madagascar and Be Cool just to name a few.

One of his fans actually said that ‘Cedric the Entertainer never disappoints!’ Cedric The Entertainer is actually on tour right now. So go and grab your tickets now for an excellent comedy night!
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Cedric the Entertainer – Austin Moody Theater Overview

Where is Cedric the Entertainer Showing

Moody Theater – Austin TX

When is Cedric the Entertainer Performing

July 8, 2011

This particular, and we must say, in demand artist is coming to Moody Theater, on July 8. doesn’t know when Cedric the Entertainer will return. And so get hold of your Cedric the Entertainer Austin live show seat tickets without delay!

Q: How can I acquire tickets for Cedric the Entertainer?A: Right here on this site! Simply click on the performer you like at

Q: Can I buy multiple sets of Cedric the Entertainer Austin tickets? A: You can but not all at one time because there are lots of different sellers who have to have their own ticket transaction.

Q: How come I find the exact same Cedric the Entertainer Austin seat tickets at a variety of pricing on A: That’s because the selling prices are established by the resellers and you also want to remember that this is the secondary market place where prices are dependant upon individual sellers.

Q: Does sell out of Moody Theater tickets? A: Oh yeah.. even on the secondary market, tickets do completely sell out.

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Steve Earle ~ Austin Paramount Theatre

Steve Earle Concert

Paramount Theatre – Austin, TX

Steve Earle - Austin
Steve Earle - Ill Never Get Out Of This World Alive CD

Just in! Steve Earle – Austin, TX live at Paramount Theatre July 7. It will be cool to see Steve Earle in the intimate setting of Austin’s Paramount Theater.

Steve Earle Austin Tickets

Bio of Steve Earle:

I’ll describe him as a man of success in all aspects of his life. Steve Earle, born as Stephen Fain Earle, is a flourishing man. Known to have various talents, Steve Earle has influenced several people with his musical, writing, acting and radio careers. Amazing, right? He is a singer song-writer that plays with country, rock and roll and folk genres. He’s also a published writer of short stories, poetry and novel. That’s not all, he can act, too. One of his notable appearances was on 30 Rock – Season 3 final episode.

I am personally fascinated with Steve Earle. How he can balance all careers without failing on one or the other is beyond me. I tell you, he is a man of success. Steve Earle has received a lot of Grammy nominations for his musical career. Rolling Stone magazine even declared him as the “Country Steve Earle of the Year for 1986’. He won 3 Grammy Awards; one in 2005, 2008 and 2010. Recently, he released his 14th studio album titled ‘I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive’. And he is currently on tour! So grab your tickets now for an awesome musical evening with Steve Earle.
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Steve Earle – Austin Paramount Theatre Info

Where is Steve Earle Showing

Paramount Theatre – Austin TX

When is Steve Earle Performing

July 7, 2011

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Wiz Khalifa ~ Austin Ceder Park Center

Wiz Khalifa Performing

Ceder Park Center – Austin, TX

Wiz Khalifa - Austin
Wiz Khalifa - Rolling Papers CD

Just in! Wiz Khalifa – Austin, TX participating at Ceder Park Center July 3. Wiz Khalifa is renowned for unique concerts and so you should assume to see fun at Ceder Park Center.

Wiz Khalifa Austin Tickets

More about Wiz Khalifa:

The sensational rapper from Pennsylvania will be here in Texas! Cameron Jibril Thomaz or better known as Wiz Khalifa is definitely on tour. Excited? We are, too! Wiz Khalifa, a hip hop rapper, started his career with a mixtape called ‘Prince of the Austin: Welcome to Pistolvania’ which then became his debut full-length album. It was titled ‘Show and Prove’ and was released in 2006. After that, he was able to release more mixtapes including Grow Season and Prince of the Austin 2 just to name a few.

Wiz Khalifa’s ‘Say Yeah’ single was a big hit. It owned a respectable spot on the Billboard’s Hot Rap Tracks and Billboard Rhythmic Top 40 chart. Recently, he released an album titled ‘Rolling Papers’ which is his first major-label album. As always, Rolling Stones was right. Wiz Khalifa is definitely an ‘artist to watch’.
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Wiz Khalifa – Austin Ceder Park Center Overview

Where is Wiz Khalifa Showing

Ceder Park Center – Austin TX

When is Wiz Khalifa Performing

July 3, 2011

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Lyle Lovett & John Hiatt ~ Austin Paramount Theater

Lyle Lovett & John Hiatt Live in Concert

Paramount Theater – Austin, TX

Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt - Austin
Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt CD

Oh yeah, it’s really true: Lyle Lovett & John Hiatt – Austin, TX showing at Paramount Theater June 28-29. Lyle Lovett & John Hiatt is known for dazzling live events so we anticipate more entertainment at Paramount Theater.

Lyle Lovett & John Hiatt Austin Tickets

More about Lyle Lovett & John Hiatt:

Another great team-up coming our way, here in Texas. Lyle Lovett & John Hiatt will be touring here! Are you hooked? I so am! If you are looking for an evening with great music – guitars and singing, then this performance is just the right enchilada for you. This is not the first time that these two sang and performed together. If you can remember, in 2008, they also toured several times together.

Who wouldn’t want to watch Lyle Lovett & John Hiatt? As you may know, John Hiatt is a well known guitarist, pianist and singer-songwriter. He was able to release several albums throughout his career and all of them were amazingly well-received. Lyle Lovett, a singer, actor and songwriter rolled into one, was able to receive 4 Grammy Awards throughout his career. This includes ‘Best Country Album’ and ‘Best Male Country Vocal Performance’. So, I will ask you, what’s not to love with this pair-up? Go ahead; get yourself a ticket before it’s long gone!
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Lyle Lovett & John Hiatt – Austin Paramount Theater Summary

Where is Lyle Lovett & John Hiatt Live

Paramount Theater – Austin TX

When is Lyle Lovett & John Hiatt Playing

Hi! We’re happy you’re right here. We believe you’ll discover to become various from some other websites you might have frequented. is really a production to offer a solution to guests that very honestly we cannot discover somewhere else. The strategy would be to possess a website regarding Austin tickets for live shows distinctive to Austin as well as might be showcased at Paramount Theater. Whenever you search for tickets to Lyle Lovett & John Hiatt or any other artist in Austin, you do not wish to appear via loads of Lyle Lovett & John Hiatt tickets in other cities… you are just thinking about Lyle Lovett & John Hiatt in Austin. Or you would like to understand about concerts at Paramount Theater or other Austin venues.

Q: So, Why is cost on my Paramount Theater tickets different than exactly what I paid? A. Because keep in mind, offers tickets through the actual secondary marketplace. These aren’t the initial costs. The price is arranged through various sellers.
Q: So, Why is price on my Paramount Theater tickets different than exactly what I paid? A. Because take into account, offers tickets coming from the secondary market. These commonly are not the main selling prices. The costs are set in place by independent sellers.
Q: Will the price of Lyle Lovett & John Hiatt Austin tickets decrease as the event approaches? A: Occasionally that happens, but’s experience is just the opposite. We cannot tell you how many emails we get a few days before an event asking about tickets once they are completely sold out. Unfortunately at that time, there is nothing we can do.
Q: How can I attain tickets for Lyle Lovett & John Hiatt ?A: Right on our site… just click on the event you desire at Are there quite exceptional seats for Lyle Lovett & John Hiatt Austin tickets?A: Generally! It frequently depends on when you order. Here’s a hint: If you set eyes on tickets you prefer, BUY them!

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