Best American Music Festivals

The USA has some of the world’s most famous cities and sights but they also hold some of the most awesome music festivals world over. Here’s a list of the top music festivals being held this year that you’d be a fool to miss out on. The best bit? There is something for everyone here, from huge rock bands and outdoor concerts to indoor art and film showcasing, I defy anyone not to find something that interests them here.

Sasquatch emerged in the past five years for the alternative and eclectic music lovers. The festival is held in Washington State and always pulls in the biggest names from the rock and indie scene. Definitely a must-visit if you live in the North America.

coachella festival
Image credit: of Coachella festival

Coachella, which is held over two weekends is a fun filled, lively and young festival, crowned the kind og US festivals by most. The whole thing is outdoors (with camping for guests) and the music is mainly mainstream and indie / rock. Expect some well known, big acts (such as Snoop Dog) and some lesser known starters. Variation is the key here, and you’ll definitely get that!

ACL Festival
The ACL music festival , held in Zilker Park is one of the biggest and most environmentally friendly festivals in the USA. The festival which is held for 3 days, is packed full of great musicians but is also home to an amazing food hall and SoCo arts centre. Perfect for those who love a bit of culture with their music.  ACL tickets here.

Another Austin festival, this festival is jam packed full of everything you could imagine. The festival lasts about a week but has dedicated times for music, interactive and film acts. This great conference style festival offers more than your average muddy field, so it’s great for those who like a level of sophistication.

Bonnaroo is a fantastic music and arts festival held for four days just outside of Nashville. The festival have had the main focus of promoting jam and folk artists, however you will find some of the bigger RnB names performing here too.

Having been fully revived and back in full form, the Lollapalooza festival is a sure hit every year. The tickets for last year’s festival sold out super fast, so keep an eye out if you want to grab some this year! The festival is held on Chicago lake front and pulls in a varied crowd of young and old.

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