Bill Burr ~ Austin Paramount Theatre January 21

Bill Burr Performing

Paramount Theatre – Austin, TX

Bill Burr - Let It Go
Bill Burr - Let It Go

Thrilled to announce: Bill Burr – Austin, TX performing at Paramount Theatre January 21. Oh what a show it’ll be at Paramount Theatre!

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More about Bill Burr:
Bill Burr, the famous stand-up comedian, will be here in Texas – and we’re not kidding!

If you want to have a night of fun – if you want to laugh and laugh – and experience pure comedy, then think no more… You have to see Bill Burr perform!

Bill Burr: Up close and a bit personal

Bill Burr is a man that has the perfect bit for amusement. He is a stand-up comedian from Massachusetts – he is also an actor and a very famous radio host. His real name is William and he was born on June 10, 1968. His comedy piece falls under different genres like cringe humor, black comedy, observational comedy and satire. Bill Burr’s subjects are often about human sexuality, political correctness, race relations, professional sports, and my personal favorite, dating. Bill Burr’s comedy is influenced by some of the known stand-up comedian like Richard Pryor, Sam Kinison, and George Carlin.

Bill Burr pursued his career in stand-up when he was 23 years old. As a starting comedian, he performed to various projects. Through his career, he was able to perform on different famous shows like ‘Late Night with Conan O’Brien’, ‘The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien’, ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’, and ‘The Green Room with Paul Provenza’. Did you know? That Bill Burr is the first comedian (stand-up) to ever present stand-up comedy on ‘The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien’? Yes, he did at that and it was pretty amazing.

Working as an actor, Bill Burr appeared on ‘Chappelle’s Show’ as one of the casts – for two episodes. Also, he got a gig on HBO’s ‘One Night Stand’ in 2005 as one of the stand-up comedians to deliver their own specials. Other gigs/appearances as a comedian were on the ‘Bob and Tom Show’, ‘Comedy Central Presents’, XM Satellite Radio’s ‘Opie and Anthony Show’, ‘Just for Laughs’ and ‘Comics Come Home 2’. He was also able to host a radio channel program called ‘The Virus’ in 2006. The title was ‘Uninformed’ and as of now, Bill Burr is still co-hosting the show with Joe DeRosa. And the news is, there’s a big chance that they will be doing the show for a very long time.

Bill Burr’s albums

Bill Burr released an album in October of 2007, titled ‘Emotionally Unavailable: Expanded Edition’. The reviews were mostly positive for this album. He released his second album, ‘Bill Burr: Why Do I Do This?’ in 2008. The reviews were so much positive – one review stated that they were laughing the whole time and that Bill Burr is definitely one of their favorite stand-up comedians.

In 2010, Bill Burr released another album titled ‘Bill Burr: Let It Go’. The fans were just ecstatic on this one – definitely a must-watch.

Podcast and Bill Burr? Yes, definitely. Bill Burr has been recording a one-hour podcast – weekly. And that was since 2007.

Movies and Bill Burr? 100% Yes. And if you have been wondering for some time now, yes, he was Detective Walsh on the 2010 movie ‘Date Night’.

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Where is Bill Burr

at Paramount Theatre – Austin TX

When is Bill Burr Live

that would be January 21, 2012

Bill Burr performing in Austin’s Paramount Theatre is a pretty rare occurrence. Let us know at if you happen to attend.. and thanx for your continued support by visiting our site. We couldn’t continue w/o you!

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