Cake Concert – Austin at Stubbs

Cake Concert Austin TICKETS

Cake Concert – Austin Stubbs

A Cake concert in Austin provides the perfect opportunity to witness the talents of one of alternative rock’s longest surviving acts. You can see Cake in Austin at Stubbs BBQ on December 4th, 20111.

Cake in Austin
Cake - Showroom of Compassion CD

Cake have been changing the face of music since the early 1990s and the band, led by vocalist John McCrea, are still going strong as they tour the United States and prepare to perform for their Austin fans on New Year’s Eve this year. If you’re an indie or alternative music fan there’s no better place for you to be this New Year’s than watching Cake perform their biggest hits live on stage.

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More about Cake

Cake was originally formed by John McCrea along with drummer Frank French, bass player Shon McFessel and trumpet player Vince DiFiore. McCrea and DiFiore remain as the two original members that have endured throughout the band’s career, which has now spanned almost two decades. Despite lineup changes Cake has maintained its original voice and style, evolving over the years into a five-piece after various talented musicians have come and go. The other members of the current lineup include Gabe Nelson – the bassist from Cake’s first studio album – plus Paulo Baldi on the drums and Xan McCurdy on lead guitar.

In terms of the style of their music, Cake are really a band for the thinking music-lover. They are a group of talented and experienced musicians whose creations can be appreciated on multiple levels, whether you are a music connoisseur or simply enjoy a good tune. Their style features elements taken from different genres including jazz, funk, country and even rap. Don’t miss the show as they perform their most well-known hits such as “Short Skirt/Long Jacket,” “No Phone,” and of the course the song that sums up Cake for many fans who have followed them from the very early days of their career: “The Distance.” Grab your tickets now and prepare for a spectacular New Year’s Eve.

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