Tori Amos ~ Austin Bass Concert Hall December 21

Tori Amos Live Event

Bass Concert Hall – Austin, TX


Tori Amos - Night of Hunters
Tori Amos - Night of Hunters

Can’t wait to see Tori Amos – Austin, TX live at Bass Concert Hall December 21. has great Tori Amos tix..

Tori Amos Austin Tickets

About Tori Amos:
The ever beautiful Tori Amos is on her ‘Night of Hunters’ tour! And you know what? Austin is included in her list of tour stops. We are so glad. Tori Amos is definitely one of my favorite.

Myra Ellen Amos or Tori Amos is a well-known musician, vocalist/singer, songwriter, composer and record producer. Her music is categorized under piano rock, art pop, alternative rock and electronica genres. As a musician, she can play different instruments like the piano, harpsichord, Hammond organ, clavichord, clavinet and a lot more.

Tori Amos started her career in 1986 – she founded the ‘Y Kant Tori Read’ music group but after an album and two singles, the group separated. Tori then pursued her solo career.

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As a solo musician, Tori Amos was able to release 12 studio albums. Her first album was titled ‘Little Earthquakes’, and was released in February of 1992 in the U.S. This album received 4.5-stars rating from Rolling Stone. Also, this album charted number 1 on the U.S. Top Heatseekers. In 1994, Tori Amos’ 2nd album, ‘Under the Pink’, was released. This one peaked number 1 on the Official UK Album chart and number 12 on the Billboard 200.

‘Boys for Pele’ was Tori Amos’ 3rd solo album – released in January of 1996. The album owned the number 2 position on the US Billboard Top 200 and the Official UK Album chart. One of the singles in this album, ‘Professional Widow’, peaked number 1 on the Hot Dance Music/Club charts. In 1998, she released her 4th album titled ‘From the Choirgirl Hotel’. Rolling Stone gave this album a 3.5 stars rating. It charted number 5 on the Billboard 200 and number 2 on the Icelandic Album Charts. ‘To Venus and Back’, Tori’s 5th album, was released in September of 1999. It owned the number 1 position on the U.S. Billboard Top Internet albums and number 6 on the ARIA Album charts.

In September of 2001, Tori Amos released a concept album (title: Strange Little Girls). The album charted number 3 on the U.S. Billboard Top Internet Albums and number 4 on the U.S. Billboard 200. This album was followed by her 7th album ‘Scarlet’s Walk’, released in 2002. ‘Scarlet’s Walk’ charted number 1 on the U.S. Billboard Top Internet Albums, and the single ‘A Sorta Fairytale’ owned the number 1 position on the Hot Dance Music/club charts. ‘The Beekeeper’ was Tori’s 8th album, released in 2005. The album, once again, was number 1 on the U.S. Billboard Top Internet albums charts. It also owned the number 5 position on the Billboard 200. Her 9th studio album was titled ‘American Doll Posse’ – released in May of 2007. It owned the number 2 spot on the U.S. Billboard Top Digital Albums and Top Rock Albums.

Tori Amos released her 10th solo album on May 19, 2009. It was titled ‘Abnormally Attracted to Sin’. Later that year, she released her 11th studio album titled ‘Midwinter Graces’.

Tori’s recent album, ‘Night of Hunters’, was released on September 20, 2011. So far, the album has been receiving a lot of good reviews – The Daily Express gave this album 5 star rating. Metromix and London Evening Standard gave it 4 stars. The album also charted number 1 on the Billboard Top Classical Albums.

Did you know? That the ‘Night of Hunters tour’ is Tori Amo’s 11th tour? Yes, indeed. And this is the first time that she will be performing with a string quartet. Isn’t that exciting? Can’t wait! Do you have tickets yet? Get one now!

Tori Amos – Austin Bass Concert Hall Overview

Where is Tori Amos Performing

Bass Concert Hall – Austin TX

When is Tori Amos in town

December 21, 2011

Tori Amos generally knows how to put on an extraordinary evening of entertainment. Remember even sells out of super popular Austin tickets at Bass Concert Hall, so if you see the seats/tix you want, you seriously should consider buying them sooner rather than later..

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Michael Martin Murphey ~ Austin Paramount Theatre

Michael Martin Murphey Event

Paramount Theatre – Austin, TX

Michael Martin Murphey - Tall Grass & Cool Water
Michael Martin Murphey - Tall Grass & Cool Water

Austin Live Event: Michael Martin Murphey
Where: Paramount Theatre
When: November 29, 2011

Michael Martin Murphey Austin Tickets

About Michael Martin Murphey:Did you hear? The ‘Cowboy Christmas Tour’ by Michael Martin Murphey is definitely on and Austin is on the list! Yes, aren’t we lucky?

Michael Martin Murphey is a well-known singer and songwriter whose music is categorized under the Western, Country, Folk and Pop genres. He plays the guitar and banjo beautifully. He is actually known as ‘America’s Number 1 Cowboy Singer and Songwriter’.

Michael Martin Murphey Bio

Born in Dallas, Texas (Yes, he is from Texas – aren’t we proud?), Michael Martin Murphey grew up with a wonderful family who loved to travel to the country. [ad#300×250 L-side]

At an early age, he was able to ride horses on his grandfather’s and other relative’s ranches. He definitely loved outdoors; the stories, the cowboy songs and the works. It was a great experience for him as he was able to appreciate a lot of things in his life.

Michael Martin Murphey and his career

Michael Martin Murphey first gained success with his songwriting. Before landing his big break in songwriting, he first studied creative writing in California. He was able to form a musical group in 1964 along with Michael Nesmith, John Raines and John London. The big break came when his friend Michael Nesmith became a part of ‘The Monkees’ where consequently, Nesmith asked Murphey to write a song for the band’s next album. The song that Michael Martin Murphey wrote for the band was ‘What Am I Doing Hangin’ Round’, which became a big hit.

Michael Martin Murphey started to pursue his solo career and was able to release his first album in 1972. The album was titled ‘Geronimo’s Cadillac’ which received 5-stars (highest rating) from professional music reviewers.

His other albums were the following: ‘Cosmic Cowboy Souvenir’ and ‘Michael Murphey’ in 1973, ‘Blue Sky – Night Thunder’ in 1975, ‘Swans Against the Sun’ and ‘Flowing Free Forever’ in 1976, ‘Lone Wolf’ in 1978, ‘Peaks, Valleys, Honky Tonks & Alleys’ in 1979, ‘Hard Country’ in 1981, ‘Michael Martin Murphey’ in 1982, ‘The Heart Never Lies’ in 1983, ‘Tonight We Ride’ in 1986, ‘Americana’ in 1987, ‘River of Time’ in 1988, ‘Land of Enchantment’ in 1989, ‘Cowboy Songs’ in 1990, ‘Cowboy Christmas: Cowboy Songs II’ ion 1991.

‘Cowboy Songs III – Rhymes of the Renegades’ in 1993, ‘Sagebrush Symphony’ in 1995, ‘Horse Legends’ in 1997, ‘Cowboy Songs Four’ in 1998, ‘Acoustic Christmas Carols’ in 1999, ‘Playing Favorites’ in 1999, ‘Cowboy Classics: Playing Favorites II’ and ‘Cowboy Christmas III’ in 2002, ‘Live at Billy Bob’s Texas’ in 2004, ‘Heartland Cowboy: Cowboy Songs, Vol. 5’ in 2006, ‘Buckaroo Blue Grass’ in 2009, ‘Buckaroo Blue Grass II – Riding Song’ in 2010, and the most recent one, released in June of 2011, was ‘Tall Grass & Cool Water’.

‘Tall Grass & Cool Water’ owned the number 4 spot on the U.S. Billboard Top Bluegrass Albums. Basically, he was able to release 30 albums and 6 compilation albums throughout his career. Some of Michael’s notable singles (all in all) were ‘Wildfire’, ‘What’s Forever For’, ‘A Long Line of Love’, ‘Talkin’ to the Wrong Man’, and ‘From the Word Go’.

Michael Martin Murphey Awards

Michael Martin Murphey, aside from being tagged as the #1 cowboy singer and songwriter, has received a lot of awards and honors. In the 2007 Texas Music Awards, he won the Best Song for ‘Close the Land (America’s Heartland)’ from the album ‘Heartland Cowboy: Cowboy Songs 5’. In 1983, he received the ‘Best New Male Vocalist’ award from the Academy of Country Music. He also received a ‘Best Album and Song’ award from the Academy of Western Artists in the year 2000. The same year, he was given ‘The New Mexico Distinguished Public Service Lifetime Achievement Award’.

Where is Michael Martin Murphey Event

Paramount Theatre – Austin TX

Date Michael Martin Murphey is Playing

November 29, 2011 is the place to be if you want to know all about when Michael Martin Murphey is in Austin, TX. As an added bonus, we personally like Paramount Theatre for live performances.. Hey, be sure and come hang out with us on Facebook and let us know if you go to the show..

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Paul Simon ~ Cedar Park Center November 5

Paul Simon in Concert

Cedar Park Center – Cedar Park, TX

Paul Simon - So Beautiful or So what
Paul Simon - So Beautiful or So what

The legendary Paul Simon – Cedar Park, TX at Cedar Park Center November 5. has all the info on Paul Simon concert right outside Austin.

Paul Simon Cedar Park Tickets

Info about Paul Simon:
A very successful musician has recently announced his Fall US Tour… Any idea who?

Clue: He is the ‘Simon’ in Simon & Garfunkel…

Yep. That’s him… Paul Simon, ladies and gentlemen! This is very exciting, my friends!

Paul Simon is a well-known singer, songwriter, musician and record producer. We all first knew him as Simon from the American Duo ‘Simon & Garfunkel’. His music plays around the genres of folk rock, folk-pop, soft rock and world fusion.

Paul Simon: Early years

“That’s nice, Paul. You have a nice voice”.

These were the words of Paul Simon’s father after hearing him sing the first time in his room. According to a source, this really encouraged Paul to pursue his career in singing. He idolized his father well enough. I think it’s very sweet. And are we thankful that he did at that. The music industry will not be the same without the influence of Paul Simon as a solo artist and from the duo ‘Simon & Garfunkel’.

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Paul Simon’s singing career started at his very young age. At the age of 11, he was already in acquaintance with Art Garfunkel and they would perform together in their high school’s productions like graduation programs and school dances. Basically, they were influenced by The Everly Brothers (famous country rock and roll duo).

Paul Simon: Simon & Garfunkel

Before the name ‘Simon & Garfunkel’ was born, they used to play under the name ‘Tom & Jerry’ but come 1964, when they signed a contract with Columbia Records, they changed their name to ‘Simon & Garfunkel’. The duo was able to release five albums from which a lot of number 1 singles (that are still sang and used until now) were derived from. Some of their notable singles were ‘The Sound of Silence’, ‘Mrs. Robinson’, and ‘Bridge over Troubled Water’. The duo received a lot of awards as well – several Grammys, Brit Awards, and just come 1990, they were inducted into the ‘Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’. The two went their separate ways in 1970.

Paul Simon’s Solo Career

After the ‘Simon & Garfunkel’ separation, Paul Simon started to pursue his solo career. In 1972, he was able to release a self-titled album (second one as a solo artist). His first solo album was actually ‘The Paul Simon Songbook’ which was released in 1965.

In 1973, Paul Simon released his 3rd solo album titled ‘There Goes Rhymin’ Simon’ which received 5 stars rating from professional music critics. The album charted number 2 on the U.S. Billboard Pop Albums and number 4 on the UK Albums chart. In 1975, he released another album, making it his 5th album, titled ‘Still Crazy After All These Years’. This album owned the number 1 position on the US Billboard Pop Albums. ‘Heart and Bones’ was his 6th studio album which was released in 1983. Following that was ‘Graceland’ which was released in 1986. The album ‘Graceland’ charted number 1 on Australian, Dutch, French, New Zealand, Swiss and UK album charts, number 2 on German Albums charts, and number 3 on U.S. Billboard Pop albums. This album also won two Grammys – the 1987 ‘Album of the Year’ and 1988 ‘Record of the Year’.

Paul’s other albums were the following: ‘The Rhythm of the Saints’ in 1990, ‘Songs from The Capeman’ in 1997, ‘You’re the One’ in 2000, ‘Surprise’ in 2006, and the latest album which was released in April of this year (2011), ‘So Beautiful or So What’. This album charted number 4 on US Billboard 200 and Swedish Albums charts and number 2 on Norwegian Albums charts. This album also received a 4-stars rating from Rolling Stone.

Paul Simon was able to receive a lot of awards and honors. He won 12 Grammy Awards, and received a Grammy Hall of Fame Award for ‘Bridge over Trouble Water’ in 1998.

Did you know? That Paul is an advocate of children’s music education? Back in 1970, he held auditions for a workshop that will hone young songwriters’ talents. He did select six young songwriters at that.

Paul Simon is also an official sponsor, along with many other musicians, of ‘Little Kids Rock’ – an organization built to provide instruments and lessons to kids in public schools. Paul is also one of the co-founders of the ‘Children’s Health Fund’ and ‘Children’s Health Project’.

Get Paul Simon – Cedar Park Center Info

Where is Paul Simon Performing

Cedar Park Center – Cedar Park TX

When is Paul Simon showing up

November 5, 2011

As always, great shows at Cedar Park Center. Be sure to get your tickets for the Paul Simon Cedar Park concert tour. It will be a blast! is here to serve you with your ticket needs and to bring you awesome news about artists and their shows.

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Ron White ~ Austin Paramount Theatre November 4

Ron White Performance

Paramount Theatre – Austin, TX

Ron White - Behavioral Problems
Ron White - Behavioral Problems

Funny guy Ron White in Austin, TX.  He’ll will be at Paramount Theatre on November 4. This is great news because the Paramount is one of our fav venues.  Good, intimate setting for Ron.

Ron White Austin Tickets

more about Ron White: Are you ready for ‘Tater Salad’? Yes, the one and only – Ronald White or just simply Ron White is on tour.

Ron White was born in 1956 here in Texas. He is a well-known and successful stand-up comedian concentrating on the country comedy, observational comedy and satire genres. The ‘Tater Salad’ nickname was given to him by his fellow sailors back when he served in the Navy. He has a real fondness for potato salad …

Ron White and the comedy

“… You can’t fix stupid”

This is Ron White’s famous punchline when he’s doing his standup. He is also known to perform with a cigar on the right hand and a scotch on the left. You may also remember him from ‘Blue Collar Comedy Tour’ where he and his 3 comedian friends (Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, and Larry the Cable Guy) performed as a comedy troupe. They were a big hit!

Having a career in comedy was Ron White’s dream. After serving the Navy, he decided to pursue his dream job; he performed from gig to gig which was very nice for experience but didn’t really help him that much financially. He had to sell windows on the side to make ends meet. It was tough but as they say, “Patience is a virtue” and “Good things come to those who wait”.

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Come January 2000, Ron White found the gig that made him successful – the ‘Blue Collar Comedy Tour’. The tour ended in March 2003. As I have mentioned before, they were a big hit. The fans love the four performing together and even when they are performing separately.

In November of 2003, Ron White released his first comedy CD titled ‘Drunk in Public’. It received a 4.5-stars rating (5 stars being the highest), and charted number two on the U.S. Billboard Top Comedy Albums and U.S. Billboard Top Heatseekers. In 2006, Ron White released another album titled ‘You Can’t Fix Stupid’ which received a 4-stars rating from professional critics. This album owned the number 1 position on the U.S. Billboard Top Comedy Albums. Come 2009, he released a DVD and album titled ‘Behavioral Problems’ which peaked number 1 on the U.S. Billboard Top Comedy Albums. His other CDs/comedy releases were ‘Tater Salad aka. Busted in Des Moines’ and ‘They Call Me Tater Salad’.

Ron White can also be seen in TV shows and films. He appeared in TV shows like ‘Reno 911!’, ‘Kath & Kim’, and ‘12 Miles of Bad Road’, and on the film ‘Sex and the City 2’. He also portrayed a supporting role in the recent comedy movie ‘Horrible Bosses’.

Did you know? That there is a ‘Ron White Day’? Oh, yes, there is! Well, it was given to him here in Texas. The Texas legislative officials appointed April 27, 2009 to be the ‘Ron White Day’.

Ron White was also able to write a book, “Ron “Tater Salad” White: I Had the Right to Remain Silent…But I Didn’t Have the Ability”. It was released in June of 2006 under Penguin Books.

Where is Ron White Performing

Paramount Theatre – Austin TX

When is Ron White at Paramount Theatre

November 4, 2011

Please let us know if you go see Ron White at Paramount Theatre in Austin.. Here at, we love to hear from our loyal fans. Thanks a bunch for your continued visits to our site.

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Beauty & the Beast ~ Austin Bass Hall Dec. 14-18

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Live

Bass Concert Hall – Austin, TX

Austin Event: Disney’s Beauty and the Beast
Where: Bass Concert Hall
When is the Event: December 14-18, 2011

Beauty and the Beast Poster

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast:
“Tale as old as time, true as it can be… Barely even friends then somebody bends unexpectedly…

Just a little change, small, to say the least… Both a little scared… neither one prepared …Beauty and the Beast”

What a classic tune. Why am I singing this song? Well, well, well. Disney’s Beauty and the Beast will be in town.

I’m just merely preparing myself. Oh, it’s going to be a wonderful performance. Let’s get to know the musical a little bit better, shall we?

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast
Up close and ‘almost’ personal:

Cartoons, animations, the rendition of movies/cartoons from 1946 down to the latest 2009 film, we’ve all seen the numerous versions of Beauty and the Beast. For some time, there was even a TV series with the same name. Well, it was a sort of updated version of the fairy tale.

And most especially if you have a kid, you must have seen the film of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast a million times – it doesn’t really get old to them (to be completely honest, it doesn’t really get old to me, too. I wonder why?) All of them were great in their ways and on how they presented the classic fairy tale. But this time, we’re talking about Disney’s Beauty and the Beast musical (which again, if you have a kid, you will keep on getting tickets for the show – every year. The story doesn’t get old to them – and, again, to me.)

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast musical happens to be the 8th longest running Broadway production in history. This musical is, of course, based on the 1991 film produced by Disney.

Did you know? The first Disney’s Beauty and the Beast performance was here in Texas back in 1993? It was performed in Houston under Disney Theatricals and Theatre Under The Stars production.

The music in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is arranged and composed by Alan Menken. The lyrics were done by the two popular lyricists in the country – Howard Ashman and Tim Rice. The screenplay was written by the same person who co-wrote the one for ‘The Lion King’ – it was Linda Woolverton. Alan Menken is a well-known musical theatre composer and musician (pianist). He also composed the music for ‘Alladin’, ‘The Little Mermaid’, ‘Pocahontas’, ‘Hercules’, ‘The Last Castle’, ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’, ‘Home on the Range’, ‘Tangled’, and ‘Enchanted’. These people are purely genius, I say. Their compositions/lyrics/screenplay are just incredible, imaginative and colorful.

Currently, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast cast members are the following: Dane Agostinis (Beast), Emily Behny (Belle), Jen Bechter (Madame de la Grande Bouche), Michael Haller (Lumiere), Logan Denninghoff (Gaston), Chandon Jones (Babette, Dance Captain), Julia Louise Hosack (Mrs. Potts), Noah Jones and Sebastian Hedges Thomas (Chip), Andrew Kruep (LeFou), Benjamin Lovell (Cogsworth), Christopher Spencer (Maurice), David Baur, Jeff Brooks, Carly Casey, Brittany Conigatti, Brian Kess, Caroline Kittrell, Amanda Grace Holt, Kolby Kindle, Matt Kopec, Caitlyn Leary, Carter Lynch, Nick Nelson, Jessica Lorion, Michael Whitney, Sarah Claire Smith, Taylor Hilt Mitchell, Lauren Palmeri and Mandy Striph.

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast plot

Oh, we all know this so I’ll be short and quick.

Basically, the prince needs to learn how to love and be loved back – even with his ‘beastly’ appearance. How the prince landed to that curse? Well, what else? With the help of his cold-hearted attitude and I-only-care-about-myself mindset, he made an attractive enchantress (who was posing as a poor beggar when she asked for help from the prince) really mad that she turned him into that creature. Well, not only that, she also turned the prince’s servants into various objects (Now I’m wondering what would be the best object to be… teacup? Cabinet? Too dull? Anyway.) For the record, the prince was gorgeous and young, for that matter. So that is the dilemma. And we all know how it works out for him and for Belle – oh, the ever amazing and pretty Belle.

For me, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is definitely romantic. I mean, true love, people. This is really the fairy tale for the whole family – yes, even Uncle Earl. It is a musical that will surely awaken your fairy-tale beliefs that true love really exists somewhere out there. There’s a lot of lesson to be learned from this musical, indeed.

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast – Austin Bass Concert Hall Summary here

Where is Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Live

Bass Concert Hall – Austin TX

When is Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

December 14-18, 2011

Live shows at Bass Concert Hall in Austin. Don’t miss out the performance of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast for an amazing experience. Stay tuned at for the latest news.

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Chamber Orchestra Kremlin ~ Long Center Oct 22

Chamber Orchestra Kremlin

The Long Center – Austin, TX

Chamber Orchestra Kremlin & Misha Rachlevsky - Gioacchino Rossini - Six Sonatas For Strings
Chamber Orchestra Kremlin & Misha Rachlevsky - Gioacchino Rossini - Six Sonatas For Strings

Chamber Orchestra Kremlin – Austin, TX showing at The Long Center October 22, 2012.   We’ve got you covered at

Chamber Orchestra Kremlin Austin Tickets

Info about Chamber Orchestra Kremlin:
Have you seen Chamber Orchestra Kremlin perform? If you haven’t then this is your chance! Chamber Orchestra Kremlin is on tour and they’ll be playing here in Texas.

Chamber Orchestra Kremlin, an orchestra from Russia (and definitely one of the greatest ensembles from the said country), was founded in 1991 by Misha Rachlevsky. He is also the music director and conductor of the orchestra. The orchestra includes the most promising and excellent – and young – string players. They have released over thirty CD albums already. And the demand for their performance is through the roof. To be honest, we are so lucky to be a part of their tour as they really have a busy schedule in Moscow – they always participate in festivals and hold concerts on a regular basis.

Chamber Orchestra Kremlin’s performance definitely touched a lot of hearts already. As an orchestra, they are known for the liveliness and passion in their performances. They have a huge fan base not just in Moscow but globally.

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Chamber Orchestra Kremlin – Austin the Long Center Info

Where is Chamber Orchestra Kremlin Performing

The Long Center – Austin TX

When is Chamber Orchestra Kremlin showing up

October 22, 2011 should have tickets for Chamber Orchestra Kremlin at The Long Center even if it’s sold out..  As always, thanks a bunch for your continued support.  We couldn’t survive without our loyal fans!

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Dolly Parton ~ Cedar Park Center

Dolly Parton Concert

Cedar Park Center – in Cedar Park, TX (right outside of Austin)

Dolly Parton - Better Day
Dolly Parton - Better Day

Your favorite: Dolly Parton – Cedar Park, TX showing at Cedar Park Center October 7. Happy days! This will be an awesome show at Cedar Park Center, just north of Austin.

Dolly Parton Cedar Park Tickets

Dolly Parton Info:
Are you ready for ‘The Queen of Country Music’? Oh, yes, the one and only, Dolly Parton! She is really famous. Operative word being ‘IS’. Still IS famous. She is a legend. And I may be the first one to say this (although, I doubt it), she is a legend NOT only in music… Let’s get to know her a bit better here.

Dolly Rebecca Parton, in the biz – she is only known as Dolly Parton or just plain ‘Dolly’, was born in Tennessee. And I love her accent, really. They have a big family – she has 11 siblings (she being the 4th born child). Dolly Parton discovered her talent at an early age. She was very into music so she would perform on radio and TV programs in their area. No wonder that at age 13, she was able to record on Goldband Records- a label from Louisiana.

After graduating high school, she moved to Nashville (where country music rocks!). Well, I would love to be on Nashville. Seriously. Anyway, back to Dolly.

Dolly Parton, after moving from her birthplace, became a famous songwriter. She wrote songs that was later charted on Billboards. After that, she concentrated on her singing career.

Dolly Parton – A glimpse of her many albums

Did you know? Dolly Parton was able to release 41 studio albums… 41. Four – one. That’s a lot. And to think that all of those albums received major success… Gosh. Without a doubt, an 800 word-article doesn’t give her enough justice… but I will try.

Here are some of her notable albums. Her very first album was released in 1967. It was titled ‘Hello, I’m Dolly’. It ranked number 11 on the U.S. Top Country Albums (which was really not bad for a first album). This album received a 4.5 stars rating from Allmusic. Other albums were the following: ‘Just Because I’m a Woman’ in 1968, ‘In the Good Old Days (When Times Were Bad)’ in 1969, ‘My Blue Ridge Mountain Boy’ also in 1969 (ranked number 6 on the U.S. Top Country Albums chart), ‘The Fairest of Them All’ in 1970, ‘Heartbreaker’ in 1978 (peaked number 1 on U.S. Billboard Top Country Albums and Canadian RPM Country Albums), ‘Dolly, Dolly, Dolly’ in 1980 (peaked number on Canadian RPM Country Albums), ‘Slow Dancing with the Moon’ in 1993 (peaked number 4 on U.S. Billboard Top Country Albums), ‘Those Were the Days’ in 2005 (peaked number 2 on Top Independent Albums), ‘Backwoods Barbie’ in 2008 (peaked number 2 on U.S. Billboard Top Country Albums and U.S. Billboard Independent Albums), and the recent album released – ‘Better Day’ in 2011 (June). It landed the number 1 position on UK Country Albums Chart and number 5 on Australian Country Albums Chart.

Now, Dolly Parton is not only known for her singing and songwriting career (not to mention the record producing gig that she has)… She is also a well-known actress – a great one, indeed. She was on the movie ‘Nine to Five’ where she portrayed a role of a secretary. She was actually nominated as the ‘New Star Of The Year – Actress’ and ‘Best Actress in a Motion Picture Musical or Comedy’ at the Golden Globe Awards for that role.

To be honest, I first saw her portray the role of ‘Truvy Jones’ as one of the girls from ‘Steel Magnolias’ (1989). I really loved her acting so I dug in to the other films that she was in. She played the role of ‘Mona Stangley’ on the movie ‘The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas’ where she, again, was nominated for a Golden Globe Award. Her other notable portrayals were in ‘Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous’ as herself (just a cameo appearance), ‘Straight Talk’ as Shirlee Kenyon and the 2011 animated movie ‘Gnomeo & Juliet’ as the voice of Dolly Gnome’.

Dolly Parton had her fair share of TV appearances and acting performances as well. She played the role of Katrina Eloise Murphy on ‘The Magic School Bus’, a TV series in 1996. Also, in ‘Reba’, a family sitcom, she played as Dolly Majors in 2005. And, of course, we all know about ‘Aunt Dolly’ from Hannah Montana. Gosh, I always loved it whenever she appeared on Hannah Montana.

Some of Dolly Parton’s Awards

Out of 45 Grammy Award nominations, she was able to win 8 of them. Eight. Grammy. Awards. Hu-hum. That’s really a lot already. Winning one makes you a very very known person. What more with eight, right? Also, she was able to win 10 awards from the Country Music Association and 7 awards from Academy of Country Music.

Dolly Parton is timeless. She is. She will be dear to our hearts forever. She has given the phrase ‘country music’ a new meaning which led other country music singers today to its path… and I truly believe that her concert here in Texas will be one of her very best! So go and get your tickets now. It’s almost gone!

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Dolly Parton – Cedar Park Cedar Park Center Overview

Where is Dolly Parton Performing

Cedar Park Center – Cedar Park TX

When is Dolly Parton Showing

October 7, 2011 is strives to be your friendly neighborhood site.  We hope you have a chance to go see Dolly Parton near Austin at the Cedar Park Center.  Thank you for you business!  🙂

From Dolly Parton – Cedar Park Center to

Don Williams ~ Austin Paramount Theatre Oct 16

Don Williams here Live!

Paramount Theatre – Austin, TX

Don Williams - The Journey
Don Williams - The Journey

Don Williams – Austin, TX participating at Paramount Theatre October 16. If you haven’t seen a live performance yet at Paramount Theatre… now might be just the time..

Don Williams Austin Tickets

Bio of Don Williams:
Are you ready for the ‘The Gentle Giant of Country Music’? Yes, Don Williams will be on tour here in Texas and we are really looking forward to it! He had his farewell concert in 2006 but was back on tour since 2010!

Don Williams is a legendary singer and songwriter of country, country rock and pop music. He plays guitar, piano and bass. His voice has a smooth bass baritone quality which led him to being called ‘The Gentle Giant’.

Being able to play the guitar since his teen years, he was able to form his own band called ‘The Strangers Two’ in 1964. Soon after that, Don Williams became a member of the ‘Pozo-Seco Singers’ which is a folk band. Then, he started his solo career in which he was able to release 30 studio albums and 9 compilation albums.

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Some of Don Williams’ notable albums were ‘Time’ in 1966, ‘I Can Make it With You’ in 1967, ‘You’re My Best Friend’ in 1975, ‘Country Boy’ in 1977, ‘Especially For You’ in 1981, ‘Café California’ in 1984, ‘True Love’ in 1990, ‘Follow Me Back Home’ in 2002, and ‘My Heart to You’ in 2004.

Don Williams certainly wasn’t called a ‘Giant’ for nothing. His songs were greatly accepted and loved by many. Here are some of his singles that peaked number 1. ‘I Wouldn’t Want to Live If You Didn’t Love Me’ in 1974, ‘You’re My Best Friend’ in 1975, ‘I’m Just a Country Boy’ in 1977, ‘Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good’ in 1981, and ‘Heartbeat in the Darkness’ in 1986.

Don Williams won a lot of awards, as well. One of his notable wins was ‘Male Vocalist of the Year’ award from the Country Music Association Awards. Early last year, he was inducted into the ‘Country Music Hall of Fame’ by the Country Music Association.

Don Williams – Austin Paramount Theatre Summary

Where is Don Williams Live Show

Paramount Theatre – Austin TX

When is Don Williams Playing

October 16, 2011

Don Williams is coming to Austin Paramount Theatre, on October 16, 2011. doesn’t know if Don Williams will be back. If you don’t want to pass by on this concert.. then get your Don Williams Austin concert tickets immediately, while they’re on the market!


From Don Williams – Paramount Theatre to

Roger Daltrey ~ Austin Cedar Park Center

Roger Daltrey Show

Cedar Park Center – Austin, TX

Roger Daltrey - Gold
Roger Daltrey - Gold

Austin Concert: Roger Daltrey
Where: Cedar Park Center
When: October 11, 2011 >>don’t miss it!

Roger Daltrey Austin Tickets

the scoop about Roger Daltrey:
Roger Daltrey, my friends, is on tour here in Austin. Isn’t that great? We all know him as the lead singer of ‘The Who’ band. He is also the founder of the said band. Roger Daltrey is one talented musician that plays around the rock, art rock, hard rock, and power pop genres.

He is also an actor – you may remember seeing him in different kinds of filmography such as ads, films and television shows. Roger played the lead role of Tommy Walker in the 1975 musical film titled ‘Tommy’. This movie was based on the band’s album ‘Tommy’ (released in 1969). Another notable movie role that he portrayed was Jimmy Nolan in the 2006 gangster movie titled ‘Johnny Was’. I’ve seen this movie and I can say that he played the part well, and it’s quite interesting, really.

Now, Roger Daltrey is on tour and he’s actually going to perform his band’s (The Who) album ‘Tommy’ and some other classics from the said band. As a solo musician, Daltrey was able to release a total of 8 albums. The first one was titled ‘Daltrey’ and was released in 1973. The album’s singles ‘Giving It All Away and ‘The Way Of The World’ peaked number five in the UK charts.

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The other albums were ‘Ride a Rock Horse’ in 1975, ‘One of the Boys’ in 1977, ‘McVicar’ in 1980, ‘Parting Should Be Painless’ in 1984, ‘Under a Raging Moon’ in 1985, ‘Can’t Wait to See the Movie’ in 1987, and ‘Rocks in the Head’ in 1992.

Roger Daltrey, as I’ve mentioned, is a very talented man. He was able to receive a Grammy Award with the Chieftains in 1991. The award was for their performance on the album (recorded from concert) of ‘An Irish Evening: Live at the Grand Opera House, Belfast’.

Roger Daltrey – Austin Cedar Park Center Review

Where is Roger Daltrey

Cedar Park Center – Austin TX

When is Roger Daltrey live

October 11, 2011

Don’t miss when Roger Daltrey is live at Cedar Park Center in the hometown of Austin. Get tickets plus latest news at

From Roger Daltrey – Cedar Park Center to

Buckethead ~ Austin La Zona Rosa

Buckethead Concert

La Zona Rosa – Austin, TX

Buckethead - It's Alive
Buckethead - It's Alive

Did you hear the news? Buckethead – Austin, TX playing at La Zona Rosa October 7.  As you know, La Zona Rosa is an Austin tradition!  What better venue for an evenings’ entertainment?

Buckethead Austin Tickets

Bio of Buckethead:
Buckethead’s mysterious background still spooks us but his music is something you won’t fail to appreciate. This season Buckethead is dedicating part of his musical production to some of his favorite sports models like Lebron James in his tribute track Lebrontron. Lebrontron has been a hit and is doing several rounds in online music websites.

Behind that white face with a mock bucket on the head is a skilled songwriter, artiste and instrument player. Bucket head is said to have heard a rough childhood according to his blogs and his main passion and consolation was through playing the guitar. But little did he know he will end up being one of the throbbing guitarists we have in the showbiz. It’s amazing how the spooky looking artiste has a warm heart for fans and fellow showbiz icons. Bucket Head has featured in the Les Paul Concerts that are a tribute to the Les Paul Band whose founder passed away. He also has a dedication single for Michael Jackson, The Homing Beacon.

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Buckethead – Austin La Zona Rosa Summary

Where is Buckethead Live Event

La Zona Rosa – Austin TX

When is Buckethead Playing

October 7, 2011

From Buckethead – La Zona Rosa to

Loretta Lynn ~ Austin Moody Theater

Loretta Lynn in Concert

Moody Theater – Austin, TX

Loretta Lynn - Coal Miner's Daughter A Tribute To Loretta Lynn
Loretta Lynn - Coal Miner's Daughter A Tribute To Loretta Lynn

Loretta Lynn coming to Austin on September 22. We personally like Moody Theater  and practically any concert would be good, but with the legendary Loretta Lynn, hey, it’s sure to be an awesome evening.

Loretta Lynn Austin Tickets

About Loretta Lynn:
Are you ready for ‘The Coal Miner’s Daughter’? Yes, Loretta Lynn will be touring Atlanta. Loretta Lynn is known to be the Queen of Country Music. You don’t get a title like that just for nothing! She is a phenomenal country music singer who also writes songs. She is also a renowned author and philanthropist. She started her career singing in clubs within her locale. She was discovered by Norm Burley (from Zero Records) in a televised talent contest and was asked to record a session in Hollywood. And that is where all her fame started.

Loretta Lynn has been successful since the 60s and was able to release several (and I mean a lot, a lot) albums throughout her career. Up to date, she is still active with tours and appearances to various important events.

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Loretta Lynn – Austin Moody Theater Scoop

Where is Loretta Lynn

Moody Theater – Austin TX

When is Loretta Lynn here

September 22, 2011

Remember when Loretta Lynn – Austin comes to Moody Theater, is the right spot for ticket and show info.

From Loretta Lynn – Moody Theater to

Leon Redbone ~ Austin One World Theatre

Leon Redbone here Live!

One World Theatre – Austin, TX

Leon Redbone - Up a Lazy River (Reis)
Leon Redbone - Up a Lazy River (Reis)

Oh yeah! Leon Redbone – Austin, TX live at One World Theatre September 24. This concert is not to be missed and we have Leon Redbone tix here.

Leon Redbone Austin Tickets

Info about Leon Redbone:
Panama hat… Dark sunglasses… Oh, and bowtie! These are Leon Redbone’s trademark, of course! You will almost always see him with these on everytime he performs.

Leon Redbone is a well-known musician, arranger, songwriter and producer. He is popular for playing around the ragtime, jazz, blues and Vaudevillian categories – most specifically on jazz and blues. He was able to release a total of 15 albums which includes ‘On the Track’ in 1975, ‘Double Time’ in 1977, ‘Champagne Charlie’ in 1978, ‘From Branch to Branch’ in 1981, ‘Red to Blue’ in 1985, ‘Christmas Island’ in 1987, and ‘Any Time’ in 2001 – just to name a few.

Leon Redbone first performed in Canada (night clubs and music festivals). After that, he was able to get his big break when Rolling Stone made an article featuring him in 1974. A year after that, he was able to release his first ever album (On the Track). Following that debut album was various appearances on different shows like Saturday Night Live where he was a musical guest for a few years, The Merv Griffin Show, and The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

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Leon Redbone, over the years, gained a respectable number of fans or what they call ‘cult following’. Cult following is a term used for a group of passionate fans that have emotional attachment to the one they are following. It is more like a community and the fans are the members. He really is one of a kind to have this kind of followers.

Leon Redbone’s performance on stage is really a show to remember. He has received a lot of good reviews coming from his fans outside of the ‘community’. One of them mentioned that Leon’s performance is just magnificent – his voice was very magical. And that Leon was super charming. Wow. I’ll go to this show no matter what. How about you? Grab tickets now!

Leon Redbone – Austin One World Theatre Information

Where is Leon Redbone Playing

One World Theatre – Austin TX

When is Leon Redbone Showing

September 24, 2011

From Leon Redbone – One World Theatre to

Zappa Plays Zappa ~ Austin Moody Theater

Return to Forever & Zappa Plays Zappa

Moody Theater – Austin, TX

Return to Forever - Returns 2CD
Return to Forever - Returns 2CD

Hey, did you know? Return to Forever & Zappa Plays Zappa – Austin, TX live at Moody Theater September 13. We have Return to Forever & Zappa Plays Zappa tickets for upcoming show.

Return to Forever & Zappa Plays Zappa Austin Tickets

More about Return to Forever & Zappa Plays Zappa:
Return to Forever IV World Tour will be here in Austin! This is a huge deal, my friends. Return to Forever & Zappa Plays Zappa will be joining forces for this tour. Can you feel how big this is? Wait for it… Read on!

Return to Forever is a legendary jazz fusion music group fronted and created by Chick Corea (the band’s keyboardist) in the early 70s. At present, Chick Corea remains as the keyboardist of the band along with Stanley Clarke as the bassist who is also an original member. Other members, as of the moment, are Frank Gambale for guitar (since 2010), Lenny White for drums (since 1973), and Jean-Luc Ponty for violin (since 2010). Return to Forever may have experienced their ups and downs in the past but they are definitely back and most certainly “jazzin’ it up” with this world tour.

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Return to Forever was able to release seven studio albums, two live releases and four collections. And just to mention a few of RTF’s studio albums – ‘Return to Forever’ in 1972, ‘Light as a Feather’ also in 1972, ‘No Mystery’ in 1975, and Musicmagic in 1977.

What do you say to a son who performs tribute for his musician father? Sweeter than sweet, right? Zappa Plays Zappa is literally Dweezil Zappa playing Frank Zappa’s music. This act is a tribute for the famous composer, singer and songwriter, Frank Zappa. Zappa Plays Zappa is actually a band that is fronted by Dweezil Zappa (Frank’s eldest son). The members of the band are Scheila Gonzalez, Pete Griffin, Jamie Kime, Billy Hulting, Joe Travers, Chris Norton, and Ben Thomas. The band started in 2006 and has been touring for years already.

Zappa Plays Zappa, an act that’s overflowing of great talent, won the Best Rock Instrumental Performance for ‘Peaches en Regalia’ at the 2009 Grammy Awards.

So, you see, this event is a must-see. Don’t think twice – get your tickets now for Return to Forever & Zappa Plays Zappa!

Return to Forever & Zappa Plays Zappa – Austin Moody Theater Overview

Where is Return to Forever & Zappa Plays Zappa Live

Moody Theater – Austin TX

When is Return to Forever & Zappa Plays Zappa coming to town

September 13, 2011 is thought to be your helpful neighborhood site. We give our visitors the Return to Forever & Zappa Plays Zappa news and ticket scoop that relates to Austin exclusively.

And did you know it’s possible for the price for Return to Forever & Zappa Plays Zappa Austin seat tickets to get lower as the live show comes closer.. Check back here at for Moody Theater tickets.

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Captain Sig and The Hillstrand Brothers ~ Austin Paramount Theatre

Captain Sig and The Hillstrand Brothers

Paramount Theatre – Austin, TX

Just got the news! Captain Sig and The Hillstrand Brothers – Austin, TX participating at Paramount Theatre September 14. has real time Captain Sig and The Hillstrand Brothers tickets..

Captain Sig and The Hillstrand Brothers Austin Tickets

Info about Captain Sig and The Hillstrand Brothers:
Ever wanted to know the ‘real deal’ of the famous documentary/reality TV series – Deadliest Catch? Well, ladies and gentlemen, the opportunity is here in Austin! Captain Sig and The Hillstrand Brothers are going to be in town. Thrilled? We definitely are!

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Sigurd Jonny Hansen or Captain Sig runs the ‘Northwestern’ fishing vessel. Being surrounded by his family who are descendants of Norwegian ancestry fisherman, he began to fish at an early age of 14 and started being in-charge of the ‘Northwestern’, when captains are not around, at the age of 22. At the age of 24, he’s a full-time captain of the vessel.

Johnathan and Andy Hillstrand or The Hillstrand Brothers are the captains of the crab fishing vessel called ‘FV Time Bandit’. The boat was actually designed by their father. Johnathan is a Harley-Davidson-rider type of guy but really, on the inside (attested by his friends), he is a “teddy bear”. Andy, on the other hand, is a horse trainer when he is at their ranch in Indiana. He is actually tagged as a ‘horse whisperer’. Cool trivia, huh?

These ‘superheroes’ of the sea have a lot of things to share with us. Usually, during their tours, they have Q&A’s and interesting and very-engaging stories to share. They are full of advice when it comes to fishing and just living outdoors – to be exact, on a tight ship where the weather and atmosphere are not always your friend. Their previous shows have garnered a lot of very awesome reviews. One of their fans said that the captains were warm, funny and, most importantly, real. They say the truth and not the flower-covered facts. A group of fans said that the round table of the captains was really an enjoyable discussion which allowed them to see the other side of the captains (coz they usually are super serious on Deadliest Catch).

Captain Sig and The Hillstrand Brothers – Austin Paramount Theatre Information

Where is Captain Sig and The Hillstrand Brothers Live Show

Paramount Theatre – Austin TX

When is Captain Sig and The Hillstrand Brothers Showing

September 14, 2011 does not know when Captain Sig and The Hillstrand Brothers will be back. Soooo, if you don’t want to miss out on this kind of fantastic occasion.. and you actually don’t, then get hold of your Captain Sig and The Hillstrand Brothers Austin live show seats right now, while they’re still here!

From Captain Sig and The Hillstrand Brothers – Paramount Theatre to

Sade and John Legend ~ Austin Frank Erwin Center

Sade and John Legend Performing

Frank Erwin Center – Austin, TX

Sade - Soldier of Love
Sade - Soldier of Love

Austin Concert: Sade and John Legend
Where: Frank Erwin Center
When: September 7, 2011

Sade and John Legend Austin Tickets

Sade and John Legend BIO:
If you like to be drowned in soothing music by the likes of Sade and John Legend, stop right on your tracks and read on for more details.

The world has heard and loved the unique and ageless sound of Sade since their debut album in 1984 called ‘Diamond Life’. An English R&B band that was created in 1983, their music has characteristics that include soul, funk, jazz, R&B, and soft rock to create a music that we have come to love. Their 27-year-old career has seen them achieve phenomenal success with all five of the albums they’ve released land a spot in the Top 10 on Billboard’s Top 200 Album Chart. They have sold over 56 million albums all over the world and have received nominations for a lot of awards such as MTV Music Awards and American Music Awards.
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They have also won four Grammy Awards:

Best New Artist (1986)
Best R&B Performance By A Duo or Group (No Ordinary Love – 1994)
Best Pop Vocal Album (‘Lovers Rock -2002)
Best R&B Performance By A Duo or Group (Soldier of Love – 2011)

John Legend, born John Roger Stephens (December 28, 1978), is an American musician, recording artist, and actor. Before releasing his debut album, Legend’s career has been gaining force through a couple of collaborations with different established artists – he played the piano on ‘Everything is Everything’ by Lauryn Hill, provided backing vocals for ‘You Don’t Know My Name by Alicia Keys, and ‘High Road’ by Fort Minor, to name a few. Since his debut album in 2004 called Get Lifted, his career has not stopped advancing to this day. Get Lifted reached number seven on the Billboard 200 and sold 2.1 million in the United States alone and 3 million copies in the world. He has received nine Grammy Awards and also got the special Starlight award in 2007 from the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Where is Sade and John Legend Live Event

Frank Erwin Center – Austin TX

When is Sade and John Legend Playing

September 7, 2011

OK.. so Sade and John Legend is appearing live at Frank Erwin Center in Austin for what should be an outstanding event. Good thing you came to

From Sade and John Legend – Frank Erwin Center to

Buddy Guy ~ Austin Moody Theater

Buddy Guy Performing Live

Moody Theater – Austin, TX

Buddy Guy - Living Proof
Buddy Guy - Living Proof

We are not kidding! Buddy Guy – Austin, TX live at Moody Theater September 3.  Can’t wait to see this concert.  Tickets just might sell our folks.

Buddy Guy Austin Tickets

Info about Buddy Guy:
If you’re a blues music fan, then you know Buddy Guy. George ‘Buddy’ Guy also known as ‘Friendly Chap’ is a very famous blues guitarist and singer. His music is categorized under Chicago blues and electric blues.

Buddy Guy started his career in Baton Rouge in the early 50s and then moved to Chicago later on. Afterwards, he was inspired by the music of Muddy Waters – ‘father of modern Chicago blues’. With Buddy’s talent and energy, he was able to record his first album titled ‘Hoodoo Man Blues’ under Delmark records. This was a collaboration album with Junior Wells – a well-known Chicago blues singer. After that, Buddy Guy was able to release tons of albums under different labels. Just to mention a few of them: With Delmark record label, he was able to release ‘South Side Blues Jam’ in 1970. With Vanguard record label, he was able to release ‘Chicago/The Blues/Today! vol. 1’, ‘It’s my Life, Baby!’, ‘A Man and the Blues’, ‘Coming At You’, ‘Blues Today’ and ‘This Is Buddy Guy (live)’. Buddy’s latest album was titled ‘Living Proof’ and was released on October of 2010. It landed a very reputable spot on the Billboard album chart. [ad#300×250 L-side]

Did you know that Buddy Guy has received six Grammy Awards? Grammy. Awards. Wow. The awards are the following: Best Contemporary Blues Album award for ‘Damn Right, I’ve Got The Blues’ in 1992, Best Contemporary Blues Album award for ‘Feels Like Rain’ in 1994, Best Contemporary Blues Album award for ‘Slippin In’ in 1996, Best Rock Instrumental Performance award for ‘SRV Shuffle’ with Art Neville, B.B. King and Bonnie Raitt, Best Traditional Blues Album award for ‘Blues Singer’ with Jacquire King, Ed Cherney and Dennis Herring, and just recently, Best Contemporary Blues Album award for ‘Living Proof’ in 2011.

Buddy Guy is known for his lively and amazing shows. A lot of the fans are actually looking forward to see him play his guitar with drumsticks. Yes, he is famous for that kind of stage presence. We, too, are looking forward to see him do his show here in Texas. A definitely must-see event of the year – Buddy Guy.

Buddy Guy – Austin Moody Theater Overview

Where is Buddy Guy Showing

Moody Theater – Austin TX

When is Buddy Guy Showing

September 3, 2011 is an affiliate with one of the best ticket brokers within the market, TicketNetwork. We are pleased to work with them so you can receive excellent Buddy Guy seat tickets for Austin.

From Buddy Guy – Moody Theater to

The Go-Go’s ~ Austin Paramount Theatre

The Go-Go’s Show

Paramount Theatre – Austin, TX

The Go-Go's - Beauty & The Beat
The Go-Go's - Beauty & The Beat

Austin Concert: The Go-Go’s
Where: Paramount Theatre
When: August 28, 2011

The Go-Go’s Austin Tickets

More on The Go-Go’s:
Formed in 1978, the Go-Go’s are an American all female band made up of:

Belinda Carlisle – lead vocals
Charlotte Caffey – lead guitar, backing vocals, and keyboards
Jane Wiedlin – vocals and rhythm guitar
Kathy Valentine – bass and backing vocals
Gina Schock – drums and percussion

They are the first ever all-girl band that wrote its own songs as well as play their own instruments to make it to the top of the Billboard album charts. [ad#300×250 L-side]

The album that has given them their huge success is called ‘Beauty and the Beat’. This album has reached number one in the Billboard 200 albums chart and has sold more than 3 million copies thereby reaching a double platinum status. It’s actually one of the most successful debut albums ever. This album was released in 1981 and among the songs that topped charts worldwide are ‘We Got the Beat’, which turned into an enormous club hit in Europe then later in the U.S., and ‘Our Lips are Sealed’. Just last May 17, 2011, ‘Beauty and the Beat’ was released remastered and lengthened for a 30th anniversary edition still by the same company that first released it IRS Records label. Presently, members of the group are busy with each of their own current projects.

The Go-Go’s were originally formed in Los Angeles, California as a 4-member punk band and started out playing at most punk rock venues in the area. Two members were added to them: Caffey and Schock, who replaced original drummer Elissa Bello on drums. Because of the additional members, their music changed toward a more familiar pop sound. And again, on December 1980, original member Margot Olaverria, bassist, got hepatitis A and was replaced by Valentine. Another reason Olaverria was dismissed from the band because she frequently missed rehearsals due to her not-so-happy reaction in the band’s move toward pop.

Since 1999, the Go-Go’s have been touring constantly. But, on February 2010, it was announced on Carlisle’s Facebook page that that year will have the Farewell tour. It was cancelled though as Wiedlin got knee injury and required time for recovery.

all The Go-Go’s – Austin Paramount Theatre Scoop

Where is The Go-Go’s

Paramount Theatre – Austin TX

When is The Go-Go’s coming

August 28, 2011

The Go-Go’s here in Austin is a super spectacular deal.. especially since the concert is at Paramount Theatre.

From The Go-Go’s – Paramount Theatre to

David Benoit ~ Austin One World Theatre

David Benoit in Concert

One World Theatre – Austin, TX

Just in! David Benoit – Austin, TX playing at the totally cool One World Theatre August 12. We expect this to be one heck of a show!

More about David Benoit:

Born and raised in California, David Benoit has made a successful career as a composer, pianist,and producer. He has received five nominations for the Grammy Awards. Aside from his career in smooth jazz/jazz fusion, he also acts as the music director for the Asian American Symphony Orchestra. Quite a handful this American artist has.
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Benoit started his first try in music at the age of 13, when he studied piano under Marya Cressy Wright and continued on this training with Abraham Fraser. He later concentrated on composition and theory at El Camino College where he built on a foundation on orchestration, studying there with Donald Nelligan. He started studying music conducting with Heiichiro Ohyama, who is the assistant conductor of LA Philharmonic and continued on with other names in the field.

His career in musical directing began in 1976, becoming a conductor for diva Lainie Kazan. Later on, he continued on the same track with singer/actresses Connie Stevens and Ann Margaret.

Freedom at Midnight was released in 1987. This debut album with GRP Records went to number 5 in the chart on Billboard’s Top Contemporary Jazz Albums. It was on this album that Benoit said ‘Everything came together’ at an interview. Waiting for Spring was released in 1989 and this time, it hit number one on Billboard’s Top Jazz Albums chart. Another successful album reach that chart on number 2 called Shadows and was released in 1991. The following year, he
made an album dedicated to one of his major influences, Bill Evans, and released Letter to Evan.

What you can mostly observe in his songs is that they have a string section and this is very notable on the album released in 1997 called American Landscape and in the 2005 album Orchestral Stories. According to him, he dreams to make a symphonic album.

Benoit has made a tribute to the late Charles M. Schulz, creator of Peanuts, and in 2000 released the album Here’s To You: Charlie Brown: 50 Great Years and prior to that 40 Years: A Charlie Brown Christmas which signifies the passion he has for the music of Vince Guaraldi, the original composer for Peanuts. This also strengthens his role as Guaraldi’s musical heir. His albums Right Here, Right Now, Fuzzy Logic, Heroes, and Full Circle are Billboard chart toppers that are tributes to his major jazz and pop influences.

David Benoit – Austin One World Theatre Information

Where is David Benoit Live Event

One World Theatre – Austin TX

When is David Benoit coming to town

August 12, 2011 has seats, deals, along with recent news with regards to David Benoit tix and also other artists and shows in Austin, TX.

FAQ at
Q: What are Piggyback Seat tickets?
A: They are David Benoit Austin seat tickets where the seats happen to be in back or in front of each other. You will only receive these types of seats if you specifically purchase them. This helps if you have a great big group that doesn’t want to sit in a long, straight line.

Q: Will send me new One World Theatre tickets if I lose mine?
A: We’ll send them to you if they’re still available.. BUT you have to buy David Benoit all over again.

Q: Will my David Benoit Austin tickets come on time? A: Yep! Your tickets are guaranteed to arrive in time for the concert so you don’t have to worry at

From David Benoit – One World Theatre to

Jim Gaffigan ~ Austin Bass Concert Hall

Jim Gaffigan Live Event

Bass Concert Hall – Austin, TX

Jim Gaffigan - King Baby
Jim Gaffigan - King Baby

Event: Jim Gaffigan
Where: Bass Concert Hall
When: September 9, 2011

Jim Gaffigan Austin Tickets

About Jim Gaffigan:
If you’re expecting a night of fun and laughter, then you’ve selected the right page. Jim Gaffigan, ladies and gentlemen, will be on tour here in Texas! Sweeeet, isn’t it?

As we all know, Jim Gaffigan is a stand-up comedian. His materials play around the deadpan, sarcasm, observational comedy and satire genres. Some of the popular subjects on his pieces are about the pop culture, everyday life, parenting, marriage, self-deprecation and obesity. He is well-known for his ‘skits’ regarding cake, bacon and Hot Pockets. Actually, his material was once highlighted in the animated series ‘Shorties Watchin Shorties’ in Comedy Central in 2004. [ad#300×250 L-side]

Jim Gaffigan was able to release a lot of comedy albums which includes ‘Luigi’s Doghouse’ and ‘Economics II’ in 2001, ‘More Moo Moos’ in 2003, ‘The Last Supper’ and ‘Doing My Time’ in 2004, ‘Beyond the Pale’ in 2006, and ‘King Baby’ in 2009. Do you remember ‘King Baby’? I know you would because it’s also a television special that was specially aired just here in Austin, Texas.

But his talent doesn’t stop there. Jim Gaffigan is a very good actor, too! He has performed in a lot of funny commercials. You may remember seeing him on several movies playing different roles – this includes ‘Three Kings’ in 1999, ‘Super Troopers’ in 2001, ’13 Going On 30’ in 2004, ‘The Love Guru’ in 2008, ’17 Again’ in 2009, ‘Away We Go’ in 2009, ‘It’s Kind of a Funny Story’ and ‘Going the Distance’ in 2010 just to name a few. Some of his TV shows appearances were from ‘Law & Order’, ‘Sex and the City’, ‘Friends’, ‘That ‘70s Show’, ‘My Boys’, and ‘Royal Pains’.

Jim Gaffigan has received a lot of great reviews for his stand up shows. One of his fans said that his material is for the whole family – he doesn’t have to use any crude jokes to be funny. Now, that is impressive, right? So why wait? Buy tickets now!

Jim Gaffigan – Austin Bass Concert Hall Summary>>

Where is Jim Gaffigan Live Show

Bass Concert Hall – Austin TX

When is Jim Gaffigan Playing

September 9, 2011

Coming to you live, Jim Gaffigan – Austin will bring down the house at Bass Concert Hall. thinks you should go! 🙂 will take the stage at Bass Concert Hall on September 9, 2011.

From Jim Gaffigan – Bass Concert Hall to