Colin Hay ~ Austin One World Theatre March 22

Colin Hay Concert

One World Theater – Austin, TX

Colin Hay - Gathering Mercury
Colin Hay - Gathering Mercury

Live: Colin Hay
Where: One World Theatre
When: March 22, 2012

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About Colin Hay:
I’m not even going to ask you to save the date – I know you definitely will for Colin Hay! Yes, the former Men at Work lead vocalist will be here in Austin… and he’s bringing everyone gifts! What gifts, you may ask? Well, what else? His wonderful music and singing talent – live on stage at Austin One World Theater!

Colin Hay who?

Well, for some of you guys who don’t know the name ‘Colin Hay’, you might want to ask your Mom and Dad. I’m sure they’ll tell you all about him. But since you’re here, let me tell you a bit of information about who Colin Hay is.
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Colin Hay is a famous musician from Scotland. In 1978, he started to pursue his career in music – he created a duo with Ron Strykert. After some time, the duo became a complete band after adding some members. Men at Work is one of the successful bands out there (Grammy winner and a lot more). The band called it quits in 1986 but reunited in 1996 – 10 years after. The band is still active with the current members Colin and Greg Ham (keyboards, saxophone, flute, harmonica and vocals).

Colin Hay – The Solo Career

After Men at Work separated, Colin Hay pursued his solo career. His music falls under different genres like Rock, Pop, Acoustic, New Wave and Country. He was able to release eleven studio albums up to date which include ‘Looking for Jack’, ‘Peaks & Valleys’, ‘Wayfaring Sons’, ‘Topanga’, ‘Going Somewhere’, ‘Transcendental Highway’, ‘Man @ Work’, ‘Company of Strangers’, ‘American Sunshine’, ‘Are You Lookin’ at Me?’, and the latest one, ‘Gathering Mercury’.

‘Looking for Jack’ is Colin Hay’s very first album in his solo career. The album received 3 stars from a professional music reviewer. ‘Man @ Work’ is another notable album in Colin Hay’s archive. Men at Work and Man @ Work – see the connection? For this album, some of the songs are actually Colin Hay’s versions from Men at Work songs.

‘American Sunshine’ is one of my favorite albums by Colin Hay. Not because I’m a big fan of Country songs – plus not all of the songs in that album were under that genre. It’s because this album has most of Colin’s personal songs – songs from the heart and songs that describes his relationship with others i.e. ‘There’s Water Over You’, which described his relationship with his mom and dad.

‘Gathering Mercury’ is Colin’s 11 studio album. It was released in May of 2011. Recorded in Colin’s home studio and a bit inspired by his dad (who passed away in 2010), this album cannot be more personal. The Daily Telegraph and Allmusic gave “favorable” as a rating to this album. Interesting, huh?

Did you know? That Colin Hay is married to a singer as well? Yes, indeed. Her name is Cecilia Noel. Cecilia, more often than usual, is the one who sings the back-up vocals at Colin’s shows.

Colin Hay, aside from being a terrific musician, can act, too. Very well, if I may add. He has performed in various TV shows and movies like ‘The Uninvited’, ‘The Country Bears’, ‘Cosi’, ‘Blue Heelers’ and ‘Scrubs’… just to name a few.

Where is Colin Hay Event

One World Theatre – Austin TX

Date Colin Hay is Playing

March 22, 2012 has news and info on Colin Hay – Austin. No point in running all over the net trying to find concerts at One World Theatre or any other place at Austin when we have what you’re looking for right here!

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