Economical Activities at Zilker Park Austin Texas

Zilker Park Austin, Texas has lots of economical activities.. and it’s great to have less expensive options for your entertainment.  Where can you get economical entertainment in Austin, Texas?

Zilker Park Fun - Shutterstock Photo
Zilker Park Fun - Shutterstock Photo

Of course there are many different entertainment venues, events, and places for your family in Austin. Today we want to introduce you to one of Austin’s original gathering places.

Zilker Park in Austin Texas has long been a place where garden lovers, nature admirers, families, and Austin residents have gone to escape the city life.  Its majestic gardens are located on 31 acres of Austin land.  The park truly is beautiful to visit and to spend time at with family and friends.

What does Zilker Park Have To Offer?

The Zilker Park was established in 1955 in order to excite and keep alive the learning of gardens.  The park itself is in essence one large beautiful garden.  This Austin garden has a lot to offer for garden enthusiasts, photographers, children, and people who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Austin, Texas.  For these people The Zilker Park has events, educational workshops, thousands of various plants and wildlife to view and admire, clubs, and a theater.
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Zilker Park Events

Zilker park holds events monthly.  These events range from gardening workshops, to flower arrangement instructions, bird watching activities, flower shows, insect workshops, and other plant and wildlife activities.

The only cost for events at the Zilker Botanical Garden is for admission to the park.  Admission for children ages 3 -12 is only $1.  Admission for adults from ages 13-61 is just $2.  Admission for seniors from ages 62 & over is just $1.  With these prices you can easily have a wonderful time in a magical place many times a year.

Zilker Educational Workshops

Getting your children interested and passionate about learning is really hard in our modern day society.  At Zilker Park they will be able to experience learning at a hands on level.  This type of environment will surely help many kids gain passion about something that will positively benefit their lives.

Zilker Gardens’ Plant and Animal Life

Zilker Gardens has many different varieties of plants and animals.  Coming to the park you will be able to view cactus, roses, butterflies, lilies, japanese gardens, unique architecture, and much more.  Make sure you bring a notebook to write down or even draw what you see.

Zilker Garden Clubs

The Zilker Park is no stranger to clubs.  The park has approximately 31 clubs which represents around 1,700 members.  These clubs range from focuses on butterflies, herbs, plants, gardening, and much more.  Joining a Zilker Club is a great way to get involved at the park.

The Zilker Park Hillside Theater

Just recently the Austin City Council approved a $175,000 contribution to Zilker Park to expand and renovate the theater.  This improvement will surely bring yet more events and activities for the youth, adults, and families of Austin.

The design for the new theater will be done by Zilker Parks.  The theater will have a back stage area for storage, props, and stage design.  This exciting new announcement has been long anticipated at Zilker Parks.

You can easily find directions online to visit the Zilker Park.  We hope that you enjoy your visit and come away with a new passion for gardens.

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