Jeanne Robertson’s “Open to the Public” Tour

Jeanne Robertson is will be performing her classic brand of humor at Paramount Theatre, in Austin Texas, on Sunday Feburary 26th for one night only. Although her “professional speaking” appearances are usually at private conventions, this one-night stopover of the “Open to the Public” tour is a rare opportunity to see her live.

[ad#300×250 L-side]Jeanne Robertson is funny. Without needing to use discriminatory, crude, or obnoxious humor, she masterfully engages her audience with insightful and real world comedy. And the crowds go hysterical for it. She has a way of being herself, a southern-raised, small-town girl, and at the same time she is capable of connecting with audiences of all types. Her sense of humor indeed strikes a universal cord.

With several youtube videos clocking in with views in the multimillions, Jeanne, wows audiences of all ages. A smattering of some of her most popular videos are such classic bits as, “Don’t go to Vegas without a Baptist,” “Don’t Bungee Jump Naked,” and “Don’t Send a Man to The Grocery Store.” But her success in not just a “sparkle in the pan,” she has been a household name for decades.

If you happened to be living in North Carolina in 1963, you would have surely heard of Jeanne, she was the winner of the Miss North Carolina Pageant and the coveted Miss Congeniality award at the national Pageant. A small town girl, faring from Graham, North Carolina, when Jeanne was catapulted to stardom she brought the whole town with her. When she made the trip from NC to Atlantic City for the national Pageant 400 people from her hometown came to support her. That was 10% of the population of Graham, at the time. But in her own words, “That was yeaaaarrrrrrrs ago.”

Today at the healthy age of 66, Jeanne Robertson is an internet sensation, and entertains the masses whether online or live on stage. Her comedy is based on revealing the humor in real life situations. She playfully pokes fun at the way people do things, including herself, and her insights are so funny that it is easy to miss the profundity of her messages.

Jeanne has been interviewed on 60 minutes, performed at the White House, and has been featured on the cover of the “Speaker” Magazine. Her wisdom-filled antics are aired daily by radio stations such as “Sirius” Radio, Laugh USA, Blue Collar Comedy, and Laugh Break, and is loved nationwide.

Jeanne is a member of the CPAE Speakers’ Hall of Fame, and received the golden gavel award from Toastmasters International for her outstanding leadership and communication skills. She notes that besides being a gifted speaker of the English language she is also bilingual, because she is a fluent speaker of “Southern.”

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