Los Lonely Boys – Stubbs BBQ May 10

Los Lonely BoysLIVE!

Stubbs BBQ – Austin, TX

Coming soon! Los Lonely Boys – Austin Stubb’s BBQ.. They are pretty darn famous here in Texas and if you haven’t experienced one of their concerts, you might want to head on out for a rock and roll event at Stubbs Barbecue. Los Lonely Boys Austin Tickets

About Los Lonely Boys:
The famous Texas trio is on tour! Los Lonely Boys, a Texas rock band, is composed of three brothers who play wonderful mixed music to which they call as ‘Texican Rock n’ Roll’. You can say that these three brothers (Henry, Ringo and Jojo Garza) idolized their father, Ringo Garza, Sr., who also formed a band with his siblings in their days.
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Los Lonely Boys’ initial hit single is titled ‘Heaven’ which was recognized in a lot of charts such as Billboard Hot 100, Adult Contemporary chart and Hot Country Songs chart just to name a few. They also received a Grammy Award for this song. The trio has released several albums through the years. Recently, they released a full length studio album titled ‘Rockpango’ which consists of 11 unique tracks.

Los Lonely Boys – Austin Stubbs BBQ Info

Where is Los Lonely Boys Live Show

Stubbs BBQ, Austin TX

When is Los Lonely Boys Playing

May 10, 2011


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