Mogwai ~ Austin Stubbs BBQ May 16

Mogwai LIVE Show

Stubbs BBQ – Austin, TX

Wow: Mogwai – Austin, TX LIVE at the fun and funky Stubbs BBQ May 16. Mogwai is famous for impressive live events and so expect lots of enjoyment that evening!  Mogwai Austin Tickets

More about Mogwai:

It’s always amazing how instrumental music can warm your heart and make you want for more. Mogwai, a Scottish post- rock and indie rock band, has proven that playing lengthy harmonious instrumental music can do wonders to a lot of people. Their vocals are not to be taken for granted too.
[ad#300×250 L-side] Mogwai was created by Stuart Braithwaite, Dominic Aitchison and Martin Bulloch. The gang started their booming career in 1996. Later on, they expanded and introduced Brendan O’Hare (drums) and John Cummings (guitars). As a newly developed band, they released their first album ‘Mogwai Young Team’ in October of 1997. After that, Barry Burns was introduced to handle guitar and piano amongst other things for the band. Their musical style is not without its critiques, but even then, they still pursue to bring fantastic music to all of their fans.

Mogwai – Austin Stubbs BBQ Overview

Where is Mogwai Live

Stubbs BBQ – Austin TX

When is Mogwai Playing

May 16, 2011

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