Shrek Musical Characters

Shrek – Lovable Characters from the Musical

Shrek – Austin TX – Bass Concert Hall – Nov. 2-11, 2010

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[ad#300×250 L-side Margins] Lovable Shrek Characters from the Musical Shrek has been a hit family favorite due to the success of the movie trilogy, and now he and his friends are coming to the live stage in the form of a musical. The show will be playing in Austin at the Bass Concert Hall on November 2, 2010. This is a great chance for you and your kids to see the wonders of a slightly offbeat modern fairytale as they dance and sing their way through a heroic journey. Let’s look more closely at a few of the lovable characters in this musical that will be recognized from the movies.

Shrek Characters

The Donkey, voiced by Eddie Murphy in the movies, is one of the characters that has stolen the hearts of many children – and their parents. The Shrek Donkey is sidekick to the big green ogre, but often his attempts to help out do more harm than good. Still, Donkey is a “fool” type character in the story and provides a lot of comic relief through his carefree attitude, silliness and his undying devotion to his ogre friend.

Lord Farquaad is the pint-sized villain of the Shrek story. Farquaad is the butt of many jokes, especially because of his height. Farquaad’s mission is to get rid of all the fairytale creatures from his kingdom – and that includes the ogre in the swamp and the talking Donkey. Farquaad is the enemy of the imagination and a character many kids love to hate.

Other favorite Shrek side characters who pop up in the story include the Gingerbread Man and Pinocchio, amongst a huge cast of other fairytale creatures. This show has become wonderfully popular precisely because of its combination of visual and musical entertainment with so many much-loved characters from stories that span generations. Don’t miss this opportunity to relive your children when the Shrek show arrives in Austin.