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The Naked and Famous at Stubbs BBQ Austin March 23, 2012 – Many Austinites know about the Stubbs Bar-B-Q restaurant. Consistently the restaurant brings in guests who enjoy a hearty Bar-B-Q meal and listen to a wide variety of live music from well known musicians and upcoming artists.

Naked and Famous TICKETS

If you are looking for an amazing date or evening out on the town on March 23, 2012, then how about you reserve a table at Stubbs in Austin.  March 23 will be an exciting friday night as amazing Bar-B-Q meals are served along with live music from an upcoming famous rock band from Auckland, New Zealand.

The Naked and Famous will be the live band on the friday of March 23. The band has now seen over three years of success and is seeing growth in popularity during their fourth year of existence.

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The band began gaining fans and approval with their first extended play album made by Thom Powers and Alisa Xayalith. This first recording happened in 2008 and was quickly followed by more music.

The band recorded a few singles after their first EP and they first made history on the 14th of June, 2010 when they made #1 on the New Zealand Chart. This was no small accomplishment because it was the first time that a New Zealand artist has done so in the three years before June of 2010.

If you are not familiar with this band, maybe you may recall hearing some of their music on some popular t.v. shows, commercials, video games, and other national media platforms.

Some songs that have played in such media platforms that you may recognize on friday of March 23 are the following:

“Punching in a Dream” was used in the 2nd season of episode 5 of The Vampire Diaries.

One Tree Hill featured “The Sun” in their 4th season of episode 18.

“Young Blood”, one of the bands most popular songs, has been featured in multiple media platforms. Some of the most well known are the film “Prom”, in the T.V. series “Gossip Girl”, and in the 3rd episode of MTV’s “Awkward.

Some Tips On Enhancing Your Live Concert Night

There are many aspects that make up a good concert. Below are just some of the many tips to help you enjoy your night out at Stubbs on March 23.

Being familiar with the music that is being played is key to having a great time. If you are unfamiliar with The Naked and Famous band make sure you go online or visit their website to become acquainted with their music.

Make sure that your night on the town is not spent alone. You can either find a date, go with good friends, or go with that special someone in your life. It will definitely be a time of fun memories.

Bring a camera. I know this sounds like a no brainer but a lot of people forget to bring a camera to take pictures of the fun night.

Now that you know more about the band, the restaurant and what to do to make the night fun and enjoyable make sure you pull out your calendar and schedule the occasion.

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