The Kills ~ Austin Stubbs BBQ Jan 25

The Kills Live

Stubbs Austin, TX

The Kills - Blood Pressures
The Kills - Blood Pressures

Austin Show: The Kills
Where it is: Stubbs BBQ
When is the Concert: January 25, 2012

The Kills Austin Tickets

the The Kills Scoop:
If you’ve been longing to see a rock band – and not just any rock band – then we have a treat for you – The Kills is on tour here in Texas!

The Kills is a rock band composed of two talented musicians – Alison Mosshart (vocals) and Jamie Hince (guitars). They are also known for their stage names as ‘VV’ and ‘Hotel’ respectively. The band’s music is categorized under Indie rock, art rock, garage rock revival, and post punk revival. The duo definitely has a great chemistry when it comes to their music and their performance.

The Kills: The beginning

Before The Kills, Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince were already in a band. Alison was with ‘Discount’ – a punk rock band created in 1995. It was where she started her career as a musician. But after ‘Discount’ was disbanded, she went her way and co-found The Kills with Jamie.

Jamie Hince, before The Kills, was with the bands ‘Scarfo’, ‘Fiji’ and ‘Blyth Power’. Basically, Alison and Jamie first met in a hotel. The story was that Alison heard someone practicing music in a room above hers and found out that it was Jamie. After ‘Discount’ went their separate ways, they began their songwriting. It wasn’t easy given that they were in different countries. But as they always say… With patience, there’s music. (Don’t ask me who said that.)

The Kills and their albums

The Kills’ first album, ‘Keep on Your Mean Side’, was released in April of 2003. It was recorded in London at Toe Rag Studios. The album gained different kinds of reviews – some positive and the others, well, not so positive. But three professional reviewers gave their album a 4-star rating. And that is not an easy thing to achieve.

‘No Wow’ was their second album – it was released in 2005 but was recorded the year before. Like their first album, the reviews were not all positive but then again, they still received a lot of 4-star rating for this one. This album of The Kills peaked at number 22 on the US Heatseekers.

Their 3rd album ‘Midnight Boom’ was released in March of 2008. This album garnered a lot of good reviews – gaining a 5-star rating from one of its critiques. The album also owned the number 1 position on the US Heatseekers. On the US Independent Albums chart, the album peaked at number 16. Also, one of the follow-up singles – ‘Sour Cherry’ – was included on Gossip Girl (famous teen drama TV series).

The Kills’ fourth and latest album was titled ‘Blood Pressures’. The album was released last April 4, 2011 under Domino Records. The album received a lot of positive reviews – including BBC music’s review. The album’s first single ‘Satellite’ gained a lot of good reviews after being released on iTunes in January of this year (2011). The album has already charted number 8 on France charts and number 37 on the US Billboard Hot 200.

Aside from the professional critiques, their fans have also voiced out their reviews for the band. One group of friends said that The Kills is a must-see rock band and that once they are on stage, they will capture your attention and never let it go. Another group said that the band’s performance was the best show they’ve ever seen.

One of their fans said that she was a bit disappointed about the show… just a bit. She said that she wished that they had played longer. 🙂 And definitely, it was the best performance she’d ever seen so she wants to see more of them! Well, I say get more tickets for The Kills tour and have a blast!

How about you? Got any tickets yet? If I were you, I will not think twice about this – they are selling fast. Go and get tickets for The Kills tour now!

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The Kills – Austin Stubbs BBQ Summary

Where is The Kills in concert

Stubbs Austin TX

When is The Kills

January 25, 2012

The performances are outstanding at Stubbs BBQ.. and with The Kills – Austin, expect one truly spectacular event. Keep in touch with us here at

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